Work Smarter: How General Contractors Can Boost Their Income Without Burning Out

Work Smarter: How General Contractors Can Boost Their Income Without Burning Out

There are many ways of increasing your efficiency without having to work more and risk burning out. Start by organizing your team well, making sure everyone is happy with their jobs and safe while at work, and communicating well with both customers and employees. You can use software to track your customers' information, your bills, your inventory, and your invoices.

What's more, a good program can reduce the time you spend on marketing.

Organize Your Team Well

One of the prerequisites of a good work environment is a well-organized team. When everyone knows what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to be, it's much easier to complete projects on time and to a high standard. Home service software can help you with this because it allows you to view everyone's tasks on one convenient page.

You can drag and drop new work orders to people's schedules when necessary. Each subcontractor can then see what tasks they are working on throughout the day, and they can edit them in real-time, for example, if they are done more quickly than expected or if they are experiencing delays. They can also write notes to you or to each other.

Keep Your Team Happy and Safe

Satisfied employees usually work faster and more efficiently than unhappy ones. For this reason, prioritizing the well-being of your team is crucial. When someone does something particularly well, recognize their performance, for example with a monthly award system. You can also create financial incentives for people who achieve more than expected.

Spend some time with your employees outside of work so they can get to know you as a person and build stronger team bonds. Another great way of increasing productivity is making sure that there are no safety issues onsite. Regularly go through safety training with your subcontractors, and check the area for any hazards.

Remember, the vast majority of workplace injuries are preventable, and they can cost you a lot of money and time.

Ask Employees to Update Their Schedule in Real Time

Using home service software to improve your team's efficiency is great, but it only works when everyone participates. Because ServiceBox is compatible with a wide variety of devices, every employee can use it on their phones and tablets. That way, they can update their schedule and the customer's information, no matter if they are in the office, onsite, or at their home.

This makes it much easier for you and your team to stay on top of tasks. To make sure that everyone is on board, you'll have to speak to your employees before implementing a program like ServiceBox. Ask everyone to attend a short training session, during which you and the software team can demonstrate the advantages of the new program and let your subcontractors know how to use it.

Use Software to Keep Track of Bills and Inventory

One of the biggest reasons why contractors and building companies lose money is delays and unpaid invoices. Fortunately, good software can help you to keep track of all your materials, bills, and invoices. Because the system is automatic and sends you updates, you'll know almost instantly if there is a problem. For example, you'll be reminded to pay your bills so you can avoid any late fees.

Similarly, you'll receive a message if one of your customers hasn't paid on time. That way, you can remind them of their invoice. It's also worth noting that many good home service programs allow customers to pay directly from the email they receive, with the click of a button. This means that payment is easier than ever, so there won't be as many delays.

Manage Communication with Customers

If you want to increase the number of repeat customers and referrals, effective communication is key. A contractor who replies quickly and in a friendly way is invaluable for people who are looking to get a project done. To improve your communication strategy, keep all your customers' data and create your work orders with ServiceBox. The program will store information, including your customers' contact details and details about past interactions.

No matter which team member picks up the call or answers the email, they will understand your customer's unique needs. Therefore, they will be able to provide an individualized experience. What's more, ServiceBox prompts you to follow up with leads, so you never miss an opportunity.

Practice Smart Advertising

Contractors who are highly respected in their community can usually get most of their customers through word of mouth. But if you're just starting out or you've moved to a different area, you might not yet have enough contacts for this. Instead, you'll need to advertise your services to find projects to work on. The best marketing strategies are diverse, which means that they include both online and offline ads. Because you are only working in a specific area, newspapers and billboards could be valid advertising methods.

Additionally, you can set up a website and social media accounts to further promote your business. Home service software will audit your site to make sure it is optimized, and it can also automate your social media posts, so they don't take up too much of your time. General contractors often work long hours to set up projects, avoid and deal with delays, and fill out paperwork. But with a good team standing behind you and an effective organizational system, you can save time, provide customers with a better experience, and take on a greater number of projects without burning out.

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