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At ServiceBox, you can expect a first-class customer service experience. When you first sign up, we guide you through a step-by-step orientation process so that you have a full understanding of our software. Even after the training is complete, you can depend on us to answer all future questions you may have.

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Our Process

Ryan's process is a tried and true method of success. Learn more about it below

the servicebox method


Before committing to our software, we offer a free demo so you can get an idea of what we have to offer your company.

Administrator Orientation

Once you have decided to commit, our onboarding team will lead your administrators through a one-on-one screen share orientation. During this process, we help your administrators to choose the settings best suited for your company.

Team Training

Once the admins are all set up, our team provides training sessions for all field technicians and other personnel, so that they also understand and become familiar with ServiceBox’s functions.

Accounting System Integration

Our team helps you to integrate your accounting software into the ServiceBox system. Once it is set up, we also help to import all your previous data.

Ongoing Development

We are continually looking for better ways to help your company grow and progress. With ServiceBox, customers can suggest new features or read ideas from other individuals and vote on which element should be added to the system next. If your organization is looking to have a company-specific feature added to its system, we also accept special feature requests!


Our team is here to help solve our customer’s challenges. Even after your training is complete, you can depend on us to provide continuous support and answer any questions you may have.

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We offer customers to book a free demo with us and experience the full servicebox experience FREE for one month.

Explore Features

we implement community requested features

Our Feature Request page makes it easy for customers to suggest new ideas to our developers. On the request page, users can either suggest a new feature or read ideas from other customers and vote for the ones they’d like to see. The features with the most votes get worked on first. Tell us what your dreams are for this software!

If you need something unique or if you need it right now, there is a way to jump the queue. Users can create a special feature request that will be specific to their company and only added to their account.

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Our Latest Reviews

“Excellent in person help which went beyond what we expected. We love the ease of use and integration with the accounting software used by our company. The features are also constantly being updated and improved"

Gero W.

Apex Plumbing & Heating

“I have been using ServiceBox for about a year now. It was hard to believe that a software would make my job that much easier but once I finally trusted the system I was very happy that we made the decision to go ahead.

Jenny H.


"Easy to manage time and material. We love having the time sheet updated based on work orders. Our previous system would require us to enter job site details for all forms like timesheet, gas permit, and check sheets."

Brendan K.

Aqua Temp

No Surprises & Priced According To Your Needs

Our customers love the affordability and flexibility of our software. ServiceBox is priced to ensure you see a return on your investment. We have pricing options that align with your needs whether you’re a one person service business or manage a large team in the field.