Who is Tim Hildebrand?

Tim Hildebrand is based in Burbank, CA, and handles our social media accounts. He also works in our marketing department as head copy writer. We thought you might like to hear a bit about the man behind the Instagram…

SB: Hey Tim, thanks for taking the time to chat with us.

Tim: For sure.

SB: So, tell us everything. Let’s start at the start, how did Jon find you?

Tim: I had moved here to Burbank to pursue acting and writing in the film industry, and I got a phone call out of the blue. Jon and I are distantly related on my mom’s side, he knew I was here in LA with a job that had weird hours, and he needed someone for a part time job in sales who would be good on the phone, and who could also contribute as a writer in small ways. The job could be done by remote, and the super flexible hours were appealing to me so I said yes. Over time the job evolved to include social media, case studies, editing this newsletter, and just about anything else involving written copy.

SB: And you’ve been with the company how long?

Tim: About 2 years. And handling social media for about a year and a half.

SB: What’s your favorite part of the job?

Tim: Well, I think my favorite part of the job is still to come, actually. Jon and I have been talking about using Streamyard to put together a ServiceBox podcast, where I interview clients online, and we break that up into digestible chunks on Youtube. That really brings a lot of my skillset to bear in a new way.

SB: Because you’re in the entertainment industry. Tell us about that.

Tim: I’m primarily an actor, but I also write. I moved here to LA in 2014 for a Masters Degree, and the idea all along was to stay.  I’ve co-written I-don’t-know-how-many short films that have been accepted into festivals, but my proudest writing moment here so far was writing and producing a film called Embrace that was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival. I’m currently in the middle of a green card application to make the move permanent.

SB: Any big breaks yet as an actor? Anything we can see you in?

Purple Mattress Commercial
Purple Mattress “Reunite with Comfort”

Tim: Not really. It’s all been commercials and stage work so far. So yes, there are commercials I’ve filmed here that are international and were seen in the US and Canada, but nothing huge like a theatrical release movie, which is the goal.

SB: Which commercials?

Benjamin Moore Commercial
Benjamin Moore “See the Love”

Tim: Uuuuh a UN commercial I did has been translated, I think, into 6 languages now. Did a Purple Mattress commercial where a man’s father comes back into his life after 20 years, just to try out his mattress. And I’m in a Benjamin Moore commercial that’s gotten a lot of play in North America this past year.

SB: Fun! We’ll keep an eye out for you. So getting back to ServiceBox, I know you’re not an I.T. guy, but what do you think of this whole software world? What’s your favorite aspect of it?

Tim: You know, I told myself I’d never go into sales because I hate lying. I used to work sales jobs right out of college to make money, and it wasn’t for me. Always exaggerating and up-selling, I hated it. The thing I like the most about ServiceBox is that this is a product I feel comfortable supporting wholeheartedly. It’s a top-tier product, sold at an exceptional price. And it’s a success story for my home province in Canada, where it was developed. In terms of the software itself, my favorite feature is the scheduler/dispatcher. It creates a really easy visual for Admins to see and understand, and when you drag-and-drop a work order onto an employee’s column on the calendar it automatically dispatches the job to his phone, so you’re dispatching as you schedule. Two jobs in one.

SB: Any last thoughts for our readers?

Tim: Yeah, follow us on social media!  We make announcements on our Instagram, put fun stuff on there and sometimes have contests. We’d love to be connected to every single one of our customers on instagram and facebook, especially. Our handle is “getservicebox” across basically all platforms, so just type in #getservicebox or @getservicebox and you’ll find us.

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