What Sort of Software Should a General Contractor Use?

In general, home service software that is designed for the specific needs of industry jobs such as electricians, HVAC technicians, and contractors is the best type of software to manage a contracting business. This software is made with specialized programs and applications to make it easy to manage a business, keep track of inventory, and store client information.

There are several specific programs that are best suited for a general contracting business. For example, a contractor may need to use professional pricing and quoting software, automated contracts, and mobile tracking and communication to benefit a business. Let's check out some of the best features of home service software.

Pricing and Quoting Software

Pricing and quoting software is a major necessity for contractors. In particular, the number one way a contractor can attract clients is by providing accurate estimates for work orders. Professional pricing software uses algorithms and accurate pricing to generate a quote that is competitive to attract customers.

The key point of professional pricing and quoting software is the ability to stay competitive, while also providing accurate financial information. Specifically, it's ideal if quoting software can factor in all details about a work order so that customers are not surprised by hidden costs at the end of the project. This can benefit a contractor's reputation in the long run.

Recurring Work Orders

Sometimes, recurring work orders may be necessary for specific projects. For example, contracting jobs for clients who have seasonal properties may require recurring orders to maintain the function and structure of a building. Recurring work orders can be a huge benefit to building a reputable contractor business.

Home service software can easily generate recurring work orders through pre-programmed alerts that are managed by administrative and dispatching staff. These pre-programmed alerts are integrated into the drag-and-drop calendar system, which enables easy scheduling for the entire contracting company.

Automated Contracts

Contractors who are bidding on projects will need to sign contracts with clients for exclusive work. However, drawing up contracts can be tedious. Home service software that can generate automated, easily-tailored contracts for each client can be a convenient resource for contractors.

Inventory Monitoring

Inventory monitoring can also be crucial for contractors. General contractors tend to use several supplies and tools, so inventory needs to be continually updated for projects to be completed on time. Home service software uses integrated inventory monitoring to keep track of inventory in real-time and alert contractors to supplies that are running low.

Mobile Tracking and Communication

Mobile tracking and communication can also be important. Staying connected with scheduling and dispatching teams while on a work site can help contractors manage business away from the office. Mobile tracking and communication can also make it easier to keep track of where employees are and what projects they are working on.

How General Contractors Can Generate More Success

A general contractor who wants to grow a small business can use several methods to generate more success. While home service software is a huge component of managing a business and staying organized, there are other things a contractor can do to win more bids and stay competitive for clients.

Keep License Updated

In some states, it's necessary for contractors to regularly update their contracting license to operate legally within the state. Keeping a license updated will ensure your business can continually have clients. Not only should the head contractor or business owner have an updated license, but all contractors and apprentices working under them should also maintain their qualifications.

Consider Additional Qualifications

It may also be beneficial for contractors to consider getting additional qualifications. While in some states contractors must have multiple licenses to apply for certain jobs, in other states additional qualifications are optional. However, if you want to get more work orders or have more success with bigger bids, the more qualifications you have under your belt, the more successful you will be.

Hire Talented People

It's also important to build a reliable team by hiring talented people. Not only should contracting staff and technicians be skilled in their trade, but office administrative staff should also be talented. By hiring talented people, your business will thrive because projects can be completed on time and the business will stay organized.

Furthermore, hiring talented people is another way to improve your luck in winning bids from bigger clients since you can hire employees who have different specializations. The more well-rounded your staff, the more success you will have.

Manage Projects Well

The success of a contractor is often highly reliant on their ability to complete jobs on time. Some small businesses have a reputation for being unable to complete projects, so it's important to have good time management skills to manage projects well. Home service software can be a significant benefit when it comes to managing projects.

Build a Network

It may also be beneficial to build a network within similar industry fields. For example, if contractors can build a network with HVAC specialists, plumbers, and electricians, they can partner to complete projects together. This can also be a way to get exposure to new clients.

Integrate Technology

Finally, contractors may want to integrate more technology into their day-to-day business management. In addition to home service software, contractors may consider using social media to reach out to new clients. Having a well-designed website that advertises completed projects can also be beneficial.

If you want to grow your business, using the right home service software can help. Home service software is a good place to start if you want to manage your business better, complete projects on time, and stay organized. Get in touch with ServiceBox to try out a free demo of the best home service software for general contractors today.

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