What Are the Best Brands for Plumbing Tools?

What Are the Best Brands for Plumbing Tools?

When you first start out as a plumber, you might not have the necessary knowledge or experience to know which tools will serve you well. Buying your equipment is an important step because it either sets you up for success or failure. If you purchase low-quality tools that let you down, your customers won't be satisfied, and they might not hire you again.

On the other hand, a plumber who has excellent tools is likely to finish jobs faster, more efficiently, and at a lower cost. This professional will leave behind satisfied business owners or homeowners who will not only use them again but will also recommend them to everyone else in their network. This can boost your business and give you an edge over the competition.


Bosch originated in 1886 in Germany, and it is the longest-established brand. Even today, many of its products are manufactured in Europe. The tools are known for being very durable and of excellent quality.

Despite this, the prices are reasonable, especially since many of the tools last for decades. It's also worth noting that many Bosch products have excellent battery life, so they are a great choice for plumbers.


If you're looking for electrical tools made in America, Milwaukee should be one of your top choices. This brand has been around for over 90 years, and it produces tools that are made specifically for home service tradespeople.

For example, Milwaukee produced the first one-handed capacity drill that was portable and lightweight at only 5.5 lbs.


Makita is based in Japan, and it has established itself as an innovative company that manufactures durable and advanced tools. The motor design of Makita products is unique, and many of the tools are lightweight yet powerful. Plumbers often choose this brand because it offers a comprehensive range of tools, so there's no need to jump from one manufacturer to the next.


Tools from Evolution are manufactured in China, but the company is British. With its 30-year history, it is the newest company on this list, but it has a solid reputation due to the tools' affordability. If you're looking to start your business without breaking the bank, Evolution could be the way to go. The tools are innovative, suitable for plumbing work under normal circumstances, and very easy to set up.


Dewalt is another American brand that manufactures power tools for heavy-duty jobs. You can rely on this equipment even during large and difficult jobs. Dewalt uses its proprietary "Flexvolt" technology to design some of the best tools in the industry, especially for plumbers and other contractors who work under challenging conditions.

What Else Do Plumbers Need?

The equipment you use for plumbing jobs is crucial, but it isn't the only thing you'll need if you want to succeed in this business. You'll also have to get an excellent vehicle and home service software to help you keep track of your appointments. What's more, most states require a valid license, and you'll also need insurance to protect your business.

A Reliable Vehicle

If you work for a large plumbing company, it's likely that they will provide you with a vehicle. But when you set out on your own, you'll need to buy a van or service truck.

For many home service professionals, their vehicle is not only a method of transportation but also an office and a place to store all their tools. That's why it's important to choose a reliable, spacious, and well-designed truck or van. Most large car brands offer good work vehicles. Some of the top manufacturers to consider include Ford, Volkswagen, Chevrolet, and RAM.

If you're starting a low-cost business, you could go for a used van, but if you have a lot of money to spare, you can buy a new vehicle. In addition to the initial cost, it's also worth considering how much you'll pay every month for fuel and insurance. While some vans and trucks are cheap to buy, they consume a lot of gas.

A License and Insurance

If you've already been working as an employed plumber, you'll have all your qualifications in place. However, you'll still need a license for your business. In most states, this is easy to obtain, and the fee isn't very high.

Once you're ready to start serving customers, speak to an insurance agent about the risks to your business. Almost every plumber will need liability insurance to protect them from lawsuits filed by customers and employees. Some might also take out property insurance and business interruption insurance.

Home Service Software

When you first set out on your own, you'll have an easy time managing your customers and appointments because you'll only have a few assignments. But as your business grows and you start to hire other plumbers to work for you, keeping track of everything will become more challenging. What's more, you'll need to increase your marketing efforts to make sure all your employees have enough work.

The best way to keep track of everything is to use home service software. This allows you to see and alter everyone's schedule, get updates from employees in real time, store all your customers' data and past interactions, and manage your online marketing efforts. You'll also be able to create an estimate or a quote, then turn it into a work order and an invoice once the customer has hired you. In addition to great plumbing skills, you'll need good tools if you want to offer consistent, high-quality service to your customers.

Brands like Bosch, Milwaukee, Makita, Evolution, and Dewalt have served professionals well for many years, so they are excellent choices. Once you have your tools, you'll also need good service software. Give us a call at ServiceBox to discover how our product can help you grow and improve your business.

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