Showing Customer Contact Information on a Workorder

Some of our customers have been asking us how to show customer contact information on a workorder. We thought we’d add a little step-by-step guide to the newsletter this month in case any of you are wondering the same thing. It’s just one more little hidden feature that makes some peoples’ lives better. Here’s the process:

In the work order custom column setup, there is a column type called ‘Customer Phone (Link to Contact)’:

If you create a column like this then in the work order you will be able to choose from phone numbers for customers and linked contacts:

Once selected, the entry shows a link that will popup full contact information for the customer or contact with clickable links to make phone calls:

Clicking any of the phone numbers in this dialog will dial the number.

And that’s it.  We hope that helps.  Keep sending us those questions using the black “feedback” button in ServiceBox, and we’ll get you the answers as fast as we can.

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