ServiceBox: Your Acculynx Alternative

There are dozens of software applications available to help you manage your business efficiently. While it can be tempting to go with the most well-known option, you may regret your decision. By considering an Acculynx alternative, such as ServiceBox, you can ensure that your application is the best fit for your business.

A Software That Optimizes Your User Experience (UX)

When you choose to implement a business management software application, you're doing it intending to make your life easier. However, navigating cumbersome input forms and impossible-to-find folders in a poorly built app will make any contractor regret their decision to go digital. Luckily, AccuLynx and ServiceBox both created their applications with user-friendliness in mind.

An optimal UX provides a long list of benefits your business. First, a user-friendly interface boosts efficiency of your business, streamlining processes to provide a pleasant experience of all users (both employees and customers). This, in turn, will encourage your employees and customers to speak positively about their experiences in the digital platforms of your business, enhancing the reputation of your brand, encouraging top talent to want to work with you, and boosting your customer acquisition and retention.  

The Downside of AccuLynx  

When it comes to providing a seamless user experience, AccuLynx is no slouch. Unfortunately, despite how simple the application makes uploading photos and notes, some users have found navigating through the software more challenging than they anticipated.

Once users are familiar with all the aspects of the system, complaints about the layout are few. However, it is worth noting that many users have reported a steep learning curve with AccuLynx software. While that shouldn't necessarily deter you from the software, it is worth considering. Onboarding staff and getting them all up to speed on a software program may not be an issue in some industries, but the hassle could outweigh the benefits in others.

The Benefits of ServiceBox

The creators of ServiceBox designed its application to be as user-friendly as possible. As you scroll through the app, you'll notice how each step sets you up for your next move. Each application element feels intuitive, from scheduling appointments to sharing info with field technicians to billing the client. The workflow management software provided by ServiceBox even allows you to cut out the middle man when transferring data between departments.

Once you have the software configured to your needs, you'll be able to enter information one time and have it automatically transfer to all the departments that need it while simultaneously replacing the old data. This one-step process saves time and allows users to spend their time working on other things than updating every file and department anytime something changes.

Software Features: The Details Matter

Features will make or break a business management software, so it's critical to make sure the one you choose has everything you need. It is important to highlight the difference and similarities between the features of AccuLynx and ServiceBox.  Both software applications bring plentiful options to the table. All you have to do is determine which one offers the best selection for your business and industry.

AccuLynx Features

When AccuLynx was created in 2010, it was designed to help roofing contractors run their businesses more efficiently. Over the past decade, the company started promoting the software for use in other industries. A glance through reviews of the application will show that the jury is still out on whether AccuLynx is as valuable a program for other sectors as it is for the roofing industry.

As you peruse the features offered by this platform, it's apparent that AccuLynx still operates with roofing and other exterior contractors in mind. The ability to order EagleViews and SkyMeasure roof specs through the application is convenient but only valuable for those in a specific niche. In addition, AccuLynx provides commission tracking, project management, and permit tracking features comparable to features available through numerous competitors.

ServiceBox Features

ServiceBox was created to provide business management for contractors across various industries. This versatility means they offer dozens of features to make running your business a breeze. You'll eliminate the aggravation of shuffling through work orders and schedules, as dispatch and appointment settings are all easily handled through the application.

You'll also be able to ensure you always have the right person for the job, as timesheets are tracked through the app and sync to your payroll service. With ServiceBox, you can create quotes for customers quickly and, when recurring work requires similar materials to previous jobs, ServiceBox auto populates required materials on your Work Orders, so you are not bogged down with manually inputting items with each new Work Order. This saves you time, while also eliminating the risk of human errors when Work Orders are created.  

A Marketplace: A Feature that Sets ServiceBox Apart

The marketplace is a ServiceBox feature capable of standing alone. This feature allows you to monitor your online presence and reputation so that clients find your company first. It also contains the listing builder, which helps you create listings that do your business justice. Individuals who want to step up their marketing game should strongly consider ServiceBox for the benefits this feature can bring.

Customer Service and Tech Support

If you or your team experience trouble with your software, you'll be glad you selected a company with good customer service and tech support. When you're pressed for time and troubleshooting a tricky problem, you'll have peace of mind if you know you can call a knowledgeable support team for assistance.

AccuLynx Customer Service and Tech Support

AccuLynx has tech support available by phone and email. Monday through Friday, you can reach out to AccuLynx to request help and tech support during regular business hours. In addition, they offer a thorough onboarding process and access to "how-to" videos at any time. Since AccuLynx software has been available for commercial use for over ten years, independent online forums can provide insight into your problems.

Online reviews provide mixed viewpoints on the customer service available. Some clients are delighted with their customer support, while other individuals find it to be adequate at best. The knowledge of the representative you speak with will ultimately be a deciding factor in the quality of help you receive.

ServiceBox Customer Service and Tech Support

ServiceBox offers hands-on tech support right from the jump. Their onboarding process is extensive and designed to teach your administrators everything they need to know about your new software. ServiceBox staff will work with administrators through screen share, helping them select the best settings for your business and designing the setup that best suits your industry. After administrators have finished their training, field technicians will complete an orientation.

Even after training has been completed, ServiceBox staff are still available for tech support by phone or email. ServiceBox is also willing to create customized features for your account. All you have to do is fill out a special features request. Dedication to customer satisfaction is where ServiceBox shines, as they are committed to treating customers with the individual care they deserve.


For most business management software applications, the price will depend on various factors that are specific to each company. For example, how many employees will be using the software, outside integrations, and features can all impact the cost of the product. Getting a customized quote is critical to evaluating if a software program will work with your budget or not.

ServiceBox offers rates as low as twenty dollars per user, per month, with a no-obligation demonstration of the software and one month of free use. While AccuLynx does not offer any discounts or pricing information on their website, you can fill out an inquiry form and have the pricing rates emailed to you.

The Right Software Is Essential

Understanding how vital the correct software is for your business requires fully knowing the purpose it serves. It can help to think of your business like a cell. Inside most cells, a nucleus operates as a microscopic command center, storing all the critical information a cell needs to perform its purpose correctly. Consider your software to be the nucleus of your business.

Like the nucleus handles the information processing, growth management, and storage of genetic materials, your business's software handles your company's vital information. Lead information, appointments, work orders, data collection, and invoicing should all be controlled using a software program to manage your business. Without a virtual command center, it will be challenging to manage the day-to-day aspects of your business, let alone grow it to its full potential.

Choosing Wisely

Using the correct software for your company can give you a clear advantage over competitors. Unfortunately, that may mean digging deep into what you need from a software program before purchasing an application.

Minutes spent dealing with difficult-to-manage technology adds up into hours quickly. And when it comes to handling customers' financial records, you want to make sure you're using the best software possible to avoid user errors that could make you appear less professional.

For individuals looking for a customizable business management software application, ServiceBox is a wise choice as an AccuLynx alternative. The software you use to manage your business should be versatile and help your business thrive and expand, not give you one more stressor.

So give our team at ServiceBox a call or see a free demo and see if our revolutionary software is what your business needs.

No Surprises & Priced According To Your Needs

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