Out of the Box with Tim Hildebrand

Last month, ServiceBox premiered a new Youtube podcast called Out of the Box, featuring host Tim Hildebrand. Tim talks to tradespeople and trades-related influencers about what they do best, and he’s always fishing for good stories. “Tell me about your weirdest job” is something you’ll hear at least once per episode. The show draws from the expertise and experiences of Service company employees and owners. Topics range from favorite tools, to dealing with insect infestations, to employee mentorship to tips on best accounting practices. Some episodes explore software and technology in the trades, and if the owner is a ServiceBox customer (not all of his guests are) they talk about how they get the most out of specific features within ServiceBox.

Tim brings a 20 year acting career to the table (Canadians, he was on Corner Gas) along with experience in the framing and roofing trades.  “I did framing and roofing for a company called Home Sweet Home Builders up in Canada. Great experience. I really wouldn’t trade it. Made friends on that crew that remain tight to this day. That experience definitely lends itself to this podcast job, because a) I can speak to people as a fellow tradesperson, with some idea of what they do, and b) I didn’t do it long enough to become some huge expert, so I’m always learning from guests. And I think that’s more engaging to watch…because the questions a viewer might have are the same questions I have.”

Tim will be talking to a variety of people on the show, including people from outside the trades altogether. “Oh yeah, I mean of course our staple is people from within the plumbing, hvac and electrician worlds. That’s really who we’re geared towards. But it’s fun to spice it up too…I had a great interview with stand-up comedian Leland Klassen, really one of Canada’s best comics. And I lined up a Valentine’s Day episode with @portiadoesstyle, an instagram influencer who does great relationship advice. That might have been my funnest interview yet.”

The show is in what Tim calls “Low tech mode” since Covid makes face-to-face meetings difficult. But zoom quality aside, the content and personalities involved make for an entertaining watch. Full length episodes and shorter clips of the show can all be found on the Out of the Box Youtube channel.

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