Nine Problems Service Companies Can Solve With the Right Software

Nine Problems That Can Be Solved With the Right Software for Service Companies
1. Problems With Generating Professional Quotes

Service companies that want to be competitive need to be able to generate accurate professional quotes. However, average quoting software doesn't always have customization that allows for accurate pricing.

Ideally, quoting software should include many plug-ins to create the most accurate price for the customer. Professional quoting software can increase the functionality of your business and also make it easier to convert leads into work orders. A full-feature quoting software system can include price breakdowns, duplicate quotes for better pricing, and other tie-ins for work order management.

2. Challenges With Job Management

Many service companies are also challenged with job management issues. Effective job management allows your administrative staff to keep track of daily operations, including tracking new and completed work orders. Software that can optimize your workflow management can make it easier for employees to complete jobs and increase the overall productivity of your business.

The best software for job management will include features that assign work orders to job sites, track employees and work order completion, manage staff schedules, record billable hours along with invoices, and simplify invoice data entry. For example, when work orders are completed, job management software can automatically create an invoice with customized data entry.

3. Issues With Customer Information Management

Effective customer information management is crucial for service companies, particularly companies that may have recurring work orders with clients. When customer information management is accurate, it allows your administrative staff to manage customer data more easily and provide more reliable service.

In particular, software for service companies will include CIM features that let employees review customer history, track unpaid invoices, and keep up with service contracts or service agreements all from one digital interface.

4. Troubles With Invoicing and Payment

Invoices are one of the focal points of any business, but service companies tend to generate a high volume of invoices that may be difficult to track without adequate software. Invoicing software can streamline tracking invoice creation, reduce paperwork, and improve the processing of completed work orders. Additionally, some invoicing software can be paired with automatic payment links that make it simpler to collect payment.

Invoicing software with built-in payment links will send an email with a completed invoice directly to the customer so the work order can be processed with an online payment vendor. Some software will also allow onsite employees to collect payment immediately from the client with a hand-point system. Flexible payment options can improve the cash flow of your business.

5. Hassles With Timesheet and Payroll

One of the biggest updates for modern workforces is transitioning to electronic timesheets and payroll processing. Software used by service companies can simplify issues related to timesheets and payroll. For example, digital timesheets can automatically track billable hours by linking up to mobile devices, which allows for more accurate billing for clients and more accurate earnings for employees.

Electronic timesheet software can also fold into payroll software. With pre-set directions, your administrative staff can partially automate payroll processing based on a predetermined payment schedule so that timesheets stored during a certain timeframe will automatically be processed as paychecks. Using payroll software can cut down on human labor, as well.

6. Mix-Ups With Scheduling and Dispatching

Service companies often need to respond to urgent work order requests from clients. For example, emergency HVAC or plumbing services, urgent fire safety inspections, and on-demand maintenance all require fast responses. When your scheduling and dispatching team can quickly identify nearby employees, this can elevate the response time of your company.

Scheduling and dispatching software is most effective when it is paired with calendars to maximize productivity. Drag-and-drop calendars make it easy to schedule new work orders because scheduling staff will only need to identify employees with empty time slots and drag new work orders into the appropriate box to assign a new job request.

7. Mistakes With Inventory Management

Making mistakes with inventory management can be costly and time-consuming. However, when you use software that includes inventory tracking, it can optimize the management of the inventory for your entire business and individual on-call employees. The software can automatically track the inventory you have and create reminders to reorder supplies before you are out of stock.

This inventory tracking can apply to inventory in your warehouse and inventory used on job sites. Sometimes, inventory management software can be combined with work order management software, which means invoices generated for work orders will also include details about the inventory that has been used to complete the job.

8. Snags With Mobile Connectivity

Service companies with dispatched employees need to have excellent mobile connectivity. Not only will mobile connectivity and GPS tracking allow you to keep track of your employees, but it will also improve recording billable hours and give your mobile employees access to service software on the go. This can be particularly important if you are relying on digital invoicing software for payment processing.

9. Obstacles With Marketplace Solutions

Along with using quoting software to remain competitive, your business will also need to analyze your presence in the marketplace to optimize your advertising strategy. Using marketplace software can increase the online presence of your business and determine why some of your advertising strategies are not successful.

Optimizing your marketplace presence with advertising intelligence software is a good way to grow your business. Service companies withstand stiff competition, so it's important for these companies to do everything they can to optimize workflow.

Using software specifically designed for solving issues related to job management, invoicing, and scheduling can be an excellent option to help your business excel. Learn more about business software for service companies when you contact ServiceBox for a free demo today.

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