Make It Easy for Customers to Schedule Refrigeration Repair

Customers who call your refrigeration business to schedule repairs are typically expecting a fast response time. To keep your customers satisfied and to boost the productivity of your business, it's important to dispatch refrigeration technicians as soon as possible. Using the right home service software is one easy way you can serve as many customers as quickly as possible.

Home service software is designed specifically to make it easier to manage industry jobs. From HVAC technicians to refrigeration mechanics, small businesses that use home service software can more easily manage a high volume of clients. Check out some of the most beneficial features of home service software for refrigeration repair businesses.

Drag-and-Drop Calendar

A drag-and-drop calendar makes it very easy to schedule service calls for refrigeration repair or installation. Your administrative staff will be able to look at a synchronized, cloud-based calendar to easily schedule new work orders. The drag-and-drop calendar feature can be organized to manage small teams or the company as a whole.

A dispatch team will be able to easily see which technicians are available based on the current bookings on the calendar. This can make it much easier to schedule emergency repairs for customers. With the right management of a drag-and-drop calendar, it's as simple as placing a phone call for customers to schedule refrigeration repair.

Pre-Program Alerts

To maintain a refrigeration machine, especially commercial or industrial refrigerators, it's important to have ongoing maintenance. The various parts of larger refrigeration units must be regularly maintained to be able to meet the demands of commercial properties. The drag-and-drop calendar will also include a pre-program alert that will make it easy to schedule recurring work orders.

Customers can benefit from recurring work orders because it takes the worry out of the equation. Instead of calling for refrigeration repair when a refrigerator is down, recurring work orders can maintain a refrigeration machine to avoid costly repairs in the future.

Customer Management

Customer management is also an essential feature of home service software. Good customer management software will be able to store data about the customer on a cloud-based server. Access to customer information is a crucial component of running a successful business, particularly when your customer management software can also include past work orders or other details about the client.

By collecting adequate customer information, it's much easier for your scheduling and dispatch team to assign the right refrigeration technician for the job. For example, this may be particularly important if the refrigeration repair is for specialized beverage equipment rather than a general refrigeration unit.

Other Software Features to Benefit Refrigeration Services

The scheduling and customer management features of home service software are not the only tools that can benefit your refrigeration repair service. There are several other software features that can offer exciting opportunities to boost your business productivity, customer satisfaction, and your profits. Some of these features include:

Mobile Timesheets

In the modern era, mobile timesheets are the number one way to ensure your technicians are paid for all billable hours. Mobile timesheets are a feature that integrates a check-in and check-out feature that is synchronized to your technician's mobile app. Essentially, mobile timesheets will fill out timesheets accurately based on when work orders are started and completed.

Accounting Integration

Accounting integration can also make growing your business easier. Home service software can seamlessly incorporate information from accounting software and can synchronize this information to make money management throughout your business easier. This can help with managing invoices, payment processing, and inventory, along with other accounting needs.

Job Management

Job management programming makes it much simpler to manage multiple work orders. Job management features enable your administrative staff to keep track of work orders, technicians, and customer information to more easily manage all of your clients. In particular, some job management features also allow your technicians to add notes, pictures, and other information to invoices.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking is another important feature to include in home service software. Invoice tracking allows your administrative team to track the number and locations of various supplies so you can stay on top of your entire inventory. Furthermore, inventory tracking can also include warnings for when supplies are running low so you can place reorders more quickly and accurately.

How Often Should Clients Schedule Refrigeration Services?

While residential clients may only need to schedule refrigeration repair once in a blue moon, commercial businesses may need to schedule refrigeration repair services more frequently. As a general rule of thumb, commercial refrigeration units should be maintained once every quarter or at least once every six months. This will ensure all major systems in the refrigeration unit are functioning correctly.

Routine maintenance for refrigeration units will involve cleaning the coils, door seals, and other mechanical parts of the refrigeration unit. Furthermore, your refrigeration technicians will also verify the unit is filled with the correct chemicals and check the unit to ensure the energy consumption of the refrigerator is ideal.

What Other Maintenance Can Refrigeration Technicians Offer?

Refrigeration technicians can service more than refrigerators. In particular, these mechanics may also be trained to troubleshoot HVAC unit climate control systems, refrigeration storage units, beverage equipment, ice machines, and other cooling machinery.

Home service software is a major resource for businesses that want to boost company productivity and customer satisfaction. The best home service software includes features that make it easy for customers to schedule refrigeration services. For example, your software should include synchronized calendars, pre-programmed alerts for recurring work orders, and customer management. To learn more about the software that is most beneficial for your business, check out ServiceBox today.

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