How to Make Your Fire Safety Inspection Business More Efficient

How to Make Your Fire Safety Inspection Business More Efficient

If you want your business to be as efficient as possible, then using business software that can partially automate your business operations is the way to go. Business software can help your employees process paperwork much more quickly. For example, some business software includes tracking features for contracts and warranties, which is important for fire inspections to keep clients safe. Other ways business software can increase efficiency include:

One-Touch Billing

One-touch billing is a payment service that combines invoice emails with payment links. This can improve the efficiency of your business in two ways. The first is that one-touch billing allows invoices to be emailed directly to the customer, which can then help payments be processed more quickly when customers use payment links.

The second way this feature can improve your business efficiency is by helping your employees log and process invoices more quickly. Instead of sending separate invoices and payment statements, this feature creates a simple one-step process. One-touch billing can also work as an onsite feature that uses handpoint devices to process payments immediately after a service is provided.

Pre-Program Alerts

Pre-program alerts are probably one of the most time-saving features that can be found in business software. Pre-program alerts work by letting your business schedule recurring work orders as part of maintenance schedules. When it's time to provide fire safety maintenance to a client, your administrative staff will receive an alert to schedule a work order.

Pre-program alerts dovetail very nicely into other features, as well. For example, pre-program alerts can be linked to contract tracking or scheduling calendars to make it easier to keep track of work orders. Your customers will have the option to opt into recurring work orders, or you can use this feature to remind your administrative staff to follow up with clients who need maintenance.

Mobile Management

Mobile management is crucial for improving the efficiency of your business since this feature will allow your administrative staff to track employees, inventory, and other aspects of on-site work. Inventory management, in particular, is important since this is a program that allows the tracking of individual equipment, replacement parts, and other supplies.

With this program, the software will alert your administrative staff or your mobile employees of inventory that needs to be replaced before the inventory is empty. This is a boon for your overall efficiency since your business will not need to wait for new inventory to arrive. In other words, with this feature, your business will never be without supplies.

Schedule and Dispatch

Scheduling and dispatching is a massive undertaking for any business, especially businesses in the service industry that have many off-site employees filling work orders. Keeping up with the schedule of individual employees can ensure each client receives maintenance on time, which may be important for clients who need to regularly pass fire inspections.

Scheduling and dispatching software works by using drag-and-drop calendars. The calendar will allow your dispatch employees to see the schedule of individual employees to assess which employees are free to fill new work orders. This may be particularly important if there is an urgent work order that needs to be completed since the drag-and-drop calendar can help immediately dispatch available workers.

Professional Quotes

Finally, professional quotes can also benefit the efficiency of your business. Professional quoting software that can generate accurate quotes is crucial since this can help with lead conversion for new clients as well as clients that may want to try out new services. Professional quoting software can be customized with standardized price systems or other features to increase the accuracy of job quotes.

When you can provide customers with accurate professional quotes, you can confirm and process work orders more quickly. Some professional quoting software will also include features that allow you to turn quotes into new work orders, which can also speed up the productivity of your employees.

What Is Involved in Fire Safety Inspections?

For a commercial fire inspection, a fire inspector must look at various elements of a commercial business. These elements can include entry and exit points, occupant capacity, and potential combustion areas, such as janitorial closets.

A fire inspector will also look at combustible elements, such as trash, recycling, shredding, and paper. Because fire inspectors will need to assess many elements of a commercial building, it can be crucial for inspectors to have checklists that must be completed to finish a work order. Not only will this ensure the inspector assesses each fire risk, but checklists can also be used to generate invoices, particularly if a fire inspector has to install any safety equipment.

Inventory Commonly Installed By Fire Inspectors

There are many tools for safety that fire inspectors can install. After an inspection, a fire inspector may make several recommendations on how to improve the overall safety of a building. Some of these recommendations may include installing equipment such as fire alarms, exit signs, smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems.

Installing this equipment is essential to improve the safety of a building, which is why it's so important for fire inspection businesses to have inventory tracking. Additionally, many of these safety features will need to be regularly maintained, such as by changing the batteries or resetting smoke detectors and fire alarms. By using business software that includes recurring work order alerts and inventory management, fire inspectors can be more productive.

An efficient business can use partially automated software to increase productivity with mobile management, drag-and-drop calendars, professional quotes, and one-touch billing. Contact Service Box today to learn more about how business software can benefit the efficiency of your business, or try out a free demo.

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