How to Care for Plumbing Tools

Here are some easy daily tips that will help you be able to keep your tools running smoothly for as long as possible without too much extra work.

Store Tools With Care

How you store your tools is extremely important. Tools, especially power tools are best kept in a temperature-controlled environment. High humidity and heat can destroy tools very quickly by rusting metal and cracking rubber and plastic parts. Keeping your tools cool and dry can help them last longer and work more effectively as all the parts will be operating as they should be.

Storing tools in separate compartments or cases is also important. Large heavy tools can smash smaller more fragile tools. Specialized tools that are used for precision can be destroyed if their calibration gets damaged by larger tools. Store your tools in canvas bags or cases so that they will be kept safe from damage from other tools and being jostled in your vehicle. A large rolling toolbox can be a huge help in storing your tools effectively and safely.

Transport Tools Safely

Tools often get damaged when going from one job site to another. Part of caring for your tools is to outfit your work vehicle in a way that can help you transport your tools safely. Install tie-downs for toolboxes on wheels so they don't crash around the vehicle. If you can, install permanent storage boxes in your vehicle so you never have to worry about them moving. Whatever you do, make sure everything is secure so it won't get damaged.  

Clean & Lubricate Tools Regularly

As mentioned above, cleaning your tools regularly is extremely important. A plumber's tools are often used in less than desirable places like toilets and sink drains. Keeping them clean can help them last for a longer length of time. Chemicals used in plumbing and chemicals people use to clean their homes can also be harsh on your plumbing tools that get wet, so keeping them clean can extend their lifetimes and keep them from eroding.

Besides your tools that get used in wet areas, your other electric tools also need some regular maintenance. Wipe down your tools daily to ensure that no dust or dirt gets inside the casing of the tool. This can cause the dirt to grind inside the mechanisms and burn up a tool in no time. These kinds of tools have many moving parts, so keeping them well-lubricated can help keep them running smoothly without putting extra stress on the tool.

Inspect Tools Regularly

Checking your tools daily as you clean them is important. Some of the tools that plumbers use require regular upkeep, and you want to make sure all the parts are operating properly so that each tool continues to work effectively. Arriving at a job and having your tools not operate correctly can be extremely frustrating and a waste of time. Regular inspection can keep that from happening and let you get your work done when you want to.

Making sure that the electrical components of your tools are operating correctly is also an important part of maintaining your tools since plumbers work around water regularly. Caring for your batteries and using them regularly can help make sure that they are operating well. Power tools should have their power cords inspected regularly to avoid cracking and bare wires that could cause an electric shock when working around water.

Use Tools Often

Tools, especially power tools, are actually better off being used regularly than left in a box or storage building somewhere. Using your power tools that have batteries will help keep the batteries operating seamlessly. If batteries sit without use for extended periods of time, they lose the ability to hold a charge very long. Keeping your batteries out of extreme hot or extreme cold will also help them to continue working well.

Using hand tools and keeping them clean will help keep the metal smooth and shiny. Using hoses and plumbing snakes can help keep the rubber from getting dried out and cracked from sitting in one place for a long time. Regular use will also keep them from getting dusty and from insects or mice destroying the delicate wiring.

Understand Your Tools

Knowing your tools and how they are supposed to operate is important to taking care of them. With older hand tools, you might know a crack in the handle that has been there for years, and that it doesn't affect the quality. When your hand tools aren't operating as well as usual, you know that the blades need to be sharpened to keep the tool effective. If you know how a tool is supposed to work, you'll know when it needs to be fixed.

Knowing about your power tools is not quite as straightforward as your hand tools, because you cannot see what is happening inside them. Caring for the batteries is probably the most important part of caring for your power tools. Without the batteries, they are not of much use at all. Knowing how long each battery will last and how long it will need to charge is part of being successful with the tools you have and using them effectively.

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