How Plumbing Software Can Help You Keep Customers Happy

How Plumbing Software Can Help You Keep Customers Happy

The more organized your business is, the easier it is for you to provide a high level of customer service. For as little as $25 per person per month, a program like ServiceBox can help you provide each customer with personalized service, avoid mistakes like missed appointments or faulty invoices, and speed up your operations.

When your company is very efficient, it's easier for you to offer competitive prices and still make a profit. It's also worth noting that home service software can help you to improve your digital marketing strategies so customers get a better impression of your company from the start.

Providing a Personalized Service

There is currently a shortage of plumbers in the US and Canada, but that doesn't mean you don't have any competition. Offering a great service is one of the best ways for you to keep your customers happy and grow your business. With ServiceBox, this is easy because all your customers' information and service records are stored on an easily accessible platform.

Whenever one of your employees visits someone at their house or business location, they can read through the person's file first. This allows your staff to offer individualized service, even if they've never worked with a particular customer before. When your employee is done, they will update the person's records so the same level of service can be maintained the next time.

Never Missing an Appointment

Have you ever missed an appointment with a customer because you weren't organized or because you simply forgot? Although people don't expect you to be perfect, too many missed appointments or late arrivals can tarnish your reputation and make people less likely to trust you the next time they have a plumbing problem.

If you'd like to prevent mistakes, purchasing home service software is one of the best solutions. ServiceBox allows you to view and edit everyone's schedule with the help of a simple drag-and-drop mechanism. Whenever you add a new task to someone's day, they'll receive a notification so that they won't miss it.

An Easy Process from Start to Finish

When it's hard for customers to contact you and your service is slow, it's much less likely that they will accept your quote or return to you. That's why it's so important to make the process as easy as possible. ServiceBox allows you to send quotes and invoices directly via email so your customers receive them instantly. There is also the option of adding a "pay" button to your invoices. Customers can click on this link, which takes them to a site where they can pay with a credit card. This makes it easier and quicker for them to settle their bill, but it also increases the chances of prompt payment. Alternatively, your employees can take payment directly from your customers with the help of a hand-point device.

Easy Access to the Necessary Information

Plumbing problems are often emergencies, and in such a situation, it's important that your customers can quickly find all the information they need. If your website is hard to navigate, they might give up and go with a competitor, especially if they are stressed and under pressure. For this reason, keeping your website and other online accounts updated is crucial.

Home service software can help you with this. The program performs a full audit of your website and highlights issues. That way, you'll be able to make the necessary changes. There is also an easy-to-use dashboard that compiles information about all your social accounts, Google Analytics, and Google My Business. This makes it much easier for you to update all your accounts regularly and to keep your brand image consistent.

Little Room for Error

Scheduling errors aren't the only potential problems you'll encounter as a plumber. You might also make costly mistakes when creating quotes and estimates, putting together work orders, and sending your customers invoices. With home service software, the likelihood of a mistake is much smaller because the system double-checks everything.

Since the above-named documents are created automatically and can be duplicated, careless errors become less common, which improves your relationship with your customers. You can also see details of every job, including information about unpaid invoices, and the program sends you automatic reminders to contact customers who haven't paid yet. This improves your cash flow and prevents customers from accumulating a lot of debt.

A Better Price

Most companies save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars annually by using home service software. They don't have to pay employees to do tedious admin jobs, they are less likely to make expensive mistakes, and many tasks like scheduling are sped up. As a result, businesses can offer their customers competitive prices, which makes it more likely that people will return and refer their contacts.

It's also worth considering that setting up a prescription service is much easier with good software because the program sends you reminders whenever you need to reach out or schedule another appointment with recurring customers. In recent years, many plumbers have improved their revenue by switching to such a prescription-based model. It is cheaper for the customer, and it offers the plumber a steadier stream of income.

Home service software is a great investment for almost every small plumbing business because it allows employees to provide personalized service, avoid mistakes, and offer customers an excellent price. Get in touch with us at ServiceBox to find out more about our plumbing software. We'll be happy to offer you a free demo, so you can see what the program does and whether it's right for your company.

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