How Much Can Experienced Plumbers Make?

An average plumber makes between $28 and 29 per hour. However, experienced professionals can earn significantly more than that, especially if they have completed advanced training or if they have specialized in a lucrative branch of plumbing. A good plumber who has worked for more than 10 years can expect an average salary of $34-35 per hour.

However, someone who has trained to become a master plumber and has worked in the industry for several decades can make $50 per hour or more. Aside from your experience level, employers will consider the average salary in your area and the kinds of tasks you'll have to complete on the job. If you'd like to earn even more money, many firms allow you to work overtime.

Career Progression for Plumbers

Before you can be a plumber, you have to either attend a trade school or complete an apprenticeship. In some states, you have to do both. However, training to become a licensed plumber doesn't cost as much as many other professional courses because you can already get paid while you're doing your apprenticeship. Once you've completed your training, you can take an exam and become fully licensed.

At that stage, you can take a job in a plumbing company, or you can start your own small business. Unless you already have experience running a company, spending a few years working for someone else could be a good idea because it allows you to focus on your trade. Once you're more experienced, you can become a master plumber, set up a business, and hire other plumbers to work for you.

What About Self-Employed Plumbers or Small Business Owners? 

As mentioned, plumbers who work for a company are less likely to earn a very high wage than those who set up their own business. However, running a plumbing firm isn't for everyone because it requires additional skills, and your earnings aren't guaranteed. If you're in an unstable financial situation, you might want to wait and start your company when your finances have improved, especially since you'll need some capital to get going.

Once you've set up your business, several factors determine how successful it is. The first is the size of the company. The more plumbers work for you, the more you'll earn every month, provided you have enough customers for everyone. The second factor is the quality of your work, which has to be excellent if you want your customers to return to you. Finally, you can only provide great service if your communication is smooth and thorough.

The Size of Your Company 

When you first set up your business, you might be the only employee. That's a good starting point, but over time, you'll want to hire more plumbers, so you can get paid even when you're not onsite. The best way to build up your company is to increase your customer base first and then hire new employees when you notice you're overwhelmed with requests. That way, you'll always have enough work for your team.

But where can you find a high volume of customers? Usually, the easiest way to grow your business is to advertise online. Set up an attractive website that is easy to navigate and that can be found on search engines, and build a following on one or more social media platforms. If this sounds daunting, get home service software to help you. A program like ServiceBox can automate your social media posts and optimize your website.

The Quality of Your Company 

Finding customers is important, but keeping them is even more crucial if you want to build a stable business in the long term. Always provide an excellent service, so your customers want to use you again in the future. This means providing them with plenty of value for the money spent, arriving on time, always being courteous, and going the extra mile. Make sure that all your employees know that excellent customer service is a priority in your firm.

Your Communication Skills 

You can't serve your customers well if you're not organized. A lack of good communication can cost you a lot of money and reduce the profitability of your business because you'll spend time hunting down information, and you might make mistakes more frequently.

Home service software can help you communicate more effectively with your staff because the program includes a mobile app, which can be used on the go. Therefore, each employee can provide live updates and amend customer files whenever something changes. This speeds things up and allows everyone in your company to provide your customers with individualized service.

Increasing Your Plumbing Business's Income with Home Service Software 

A plumbing business can be highly profitable, as long as there's a steady stream of leads and current customers are happy with the service. If you have more than one or two employees, you'll need software to help you manage your marketing efforts, your schedule, and your communications with the team.

ServiceBox can also help you create quotes, work orders, and invoices more quickly, and you can send easy payment links through the program. That way, your customers are more likely to pay you quickly, and they will be impressed by your efficient service.

Plumbing is a good profession with an excellent outlook. But how much do plumbers make? The answer is that it depends on the experience level of the individual and the cost of living in the area. Generally, plumbers who work for themselves or those who set up a small company earn more than employees, especially if they advertise well and provide a good level of customer service. Call us at ServiceBox to find out how our software can help you earn more.

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