How General Contractors Can Benefit from Job Management Software

How General Contractors Can Benefit from Job Management Software

Our cloud-based job management software keeps all of your operations and communications in one place, organizing your quotes and work orders, helping technicians and administrative staff stay in communication, and making adjustments to orders as necessary.It can free up a lot of your time by automating much of the work order and job flow process, allowing you to focus on other areas of your business, like growing into new markets, customer outreach and service, and developing your business strategy. It can also give you the peace of mind of ​knowing that your paperwork is accurate and your payroll is running smoothly.

Constant Communication

Our software allows your office staff and technicians to stay in constant communication. Your employees in the field can tap into our cloud-based app, sending job details back to the home office as needed. This real-time communication allows your in-house staff to see what's happening with each order and make adjustments or recurring appointments as necessary.There's also an easy-to-use shared calendar that keeps track of all of your appointments. With drag-and-drop technology, it's easy for administrators to add or move appointments, too. Plus, your technicians' hours are automatically logged and billed through a sophisticated GPS that eliminates errors and streamlines your payroll system.

Enhanced Productivity

If you want to increase your productivity and eliminate unnecessary paperwork, our software can help. It can generate accurate quotes and develop work orders, complete with all of your administrative and technician notes.Our system also keeps everything in one place, with time-stamped notes and pictures affiliated with each work order, so your technicians or administrative staff can instantly get a complete snapshot of what's going on with each customer. This software eliminates the need for busy work, makes your office much more productive, and keeps your workflow organized.

Simple Invoicing

If you're a general contractor, you know that one of the most challenging aspects of doing business is invoicing customers. Fortunately, our software takes care of all of the headaches that come with invoicing by allowing your customers to settle up electronically. Your technicians have the option to send your customers an itemized invoice that details their work order, complete with a portal for easy, secure payment.You won't have to deal with paperwork or worry about human error in creating the invoices. Instead, the system takes care of everything for you, and your customers can pay with one simple click.

Better Customer Relations and Retention

One of the primary reasons why your general contracting business would benefit from cloud-based job management is to help develop strong relations with and retain your customers. It can also free up your time to do outreach and unlock new markets, making it an invaluable way to grow your existing base and keep your current customers happy.

Streamlined Process

Our software simplifies and streamlines the process by automating most aspects of the contracting process, which helps you keep everything straight in your office and gives you a competitive advantage in the market. We are able to make everything, from activating the work order to paying the invoice, easy, paperless, and accurate.This process can also set you apart as a top player in your industry. By offering great service to your customers and making it exceptionally easy for them to do business, you're providing a white-glove service that not many of your competitors are doing.  

Transparency and Accountability

Our software can link up your office staff and field technicians, which makes managing your team more effortless than ever. In addition to keeping everyone on track and managing payroll, this transparency trickles down as a massive benefit to your customers. Having the administrative staff know exactly what is happening with the technicians can help them provide your customers with better information.Office staff will be able to relay when they can expect the technician to arrive and provide additional notes that could be valuable to the customer. The easy drop-down calendar that both technicians and administrative staff can access also helps technicians and office staff avoid overbooking. Since many of your competitors likely don't have such a robust and compatible system, your company will stand apart as a professional and easy one to work with.

More Time for Top Service

With your office staff spending less time on payroll and invoices and trying to track down contractors, they'll have more time to give your existing customers white-glove service. Outreach and check-in calls will set you apart from the competitors and let your customers know that you care. Many companies only contact their customers when it's time for routine maintenance or when they're looking to upsell a product.By contacting your customers to simply check-in and ensure that everything is going well, you'll show that you are a service provider who is willing to go above and beyond. Your staff can also use this time to ask for feedback on the installation or solicit referrals. By automating some of your systems, you'll be able to focus on what makes your business run and maximize your staff's time and energy to drum up more business and keep your customers happy.

Intuitive Software That Can Take Your General Contracting Business to the Next Level

If you want to set your company apart in the most positive way possible, give your existing customers better service, and have more time to solicit new business, we can help. Our software for general contracting and job management helps you fully organize your office staff and technicians' schedules, invoice easily, and keep track of all the notes on your work orders. Contact ServiceBox at 1-855-761-2248 and schedule your free demo today.

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