How Electricians Can Increase Customer Satisfaction (And the Bottom Line)

Customer satisfaction is closely associated with high profits. Essentially, if your customers are satisfied with your services, your profits will increase because you will have returning customers and new customers gained from word of mouth. But how can you increase your customer satisfaction?

Using home service software, you can tailor your customer service response and individualize your customer service strategy for each of your clients. Whether you are an electrician serving residential addresses or commercial property, increasing customer satisfaction is the best way to increase your profits. Here are a few of the best features that can help you achieve better customer satisfaction.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduling

Drag-and-drop scheduling makes it easy to meet customer demands at the click of a button. When your administrative and dispatching employees schedule service for a customer, then they can easily use drag-and-drop scheduling to assign work orders to available technicians. Drag-and-drop scheduling makes it much easier to manage time for all employees.

Furthermore, the drag-and-drop calendar used in conjunction with other home service software can simplify your business operations. Because the calendar is stored on a cloud-based system, it can be shared company-wide, or with smaller teams for specialized electrician projects. This can make it much easier to keep track of work orders and employee activity.

Emergency Dispatching

Electricians often have to respond to emergency work orders. For example, during blackouts, electricians are often dispatched to the nearest location to troubleshoot faulty electrical connections. During certain times of the year, particularly the winter and hottest months of the summer, it's essential for electricians to have a speedy response for the health and well-being of people across the grid.

Emergency dispatching is as easy as the push of a button when you incorporate home service software into your business management. The combination of employee GPS tracking with mobile devices and at-a-glance calendar sharing makes it easy to assign available electricians to emergency work orders.

One-Touch Invoicing

One-touch invoicing is also important for convenience, both for your business and for your customers. For your business, one-touch invoicing makes it easy to close work orders, generate an invoice, and proceed to payment collection all at the click of a button. For your customers, the invoice can be emailed with a payment link once a service is completed, which simplifies your payment process.

Automated Timesheet Filling

Automated timesheet filling can increase your bottom line as well. Automated timesheet filling works by using a check-in and check-out system that automatically logs when an electrician starts and ends a work order. This will ensure that your technicians are being paid for billable hours and overtime, when relevant. For your bottom line, this means that the budget for employee compensation will be more accurate.

Intuitive Inventory Tracking

Electricians often go through a large amount of inventory, so it's important to have inventory tracking. An intuitive inventory tracking system will keep a log of all materials and equipment that is used for each service, and use an algorithm that will ensure inventory is always available for new work orders. This can help with customer satisfaction since it means that there will be no delays in service when emergency work orders come through.

Accounting Programming

Finally, increasing your bottom line is also easy when you use accounting programming. Integrating accounting technology into your business will make it easier to manage the budget for your business. With accurate accounting, you can get a snapshot of your business expenses so you can know where best to make changes to increase your profits.

Why Time Management Is So Important for Electricians

The goal of home service software is to increase time management for electricians, which will allow electricians to serve more customers. Time management can be essential for electricians who are serving residential populations, particularly during weather-related emergencies when blackouts may happen. Furthermore, the timely response from electricians can also be vital for commercial properties, especially businesses that have refrigeration for products.

When home service software is used correctly, it can benefit the time management abilities of individual electricians and the company as a whole. For example, the drag-and-drop calendar and one-touch scheduling for emergency dispatch can prioritize service orders to customers who need the fastest response.

How to Increase Electrician Salary

Depending on experience, location of work, and specialization, an electrician can earn anywhere from $23 to $30 an hour or more. Most electricians have an annual salary of $55,000 to $60,000 a year, although some locations may pay electricians up to $85,000 annually. Whether you're a new electrician or you've been working for several years, increasing your salary may be important.

In addition to using home service software to streamline business operations, which can increase profits and benefit the salary of electricians, here are a few other ways electricians can increase their income.

Maintain License

Electricians must maintain a current license to work in all states. But did you know that maintaining your license can also benefit your salary? In particular, taking continuing education courses to learn new techniques can increase your salary because it keeps your qualifications current.

Certification for New Specialties

Some electricians may also want to get certifications for other specialties. While many electricians may have goals to become master electricians, which is the highest certification level, electricians just starting their career may want to seek certification as an outside lineman, inside wireman, installer technician, or residential wireman.

Customer satisfaction is the key to increasing the bottom line of any business. Furthermore, good customer satisfaction can also increase the electrician salary you bring home. Using home service software can be beneficial for your business and your electricians. Contact ServiceBox today to learn more about how to use home service software to improve customer satisfaction and electrician salary.

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