How Do Electricians Stay Current With New Technologies and Industry Developments?

How Do Electricians Stay Current With New Technologies and Industry Developments?

One way for electricians to stay current with new technology may be through newsletters that offer information about the latest technology or insight into the demand for electricians with skills in certain specialties. However, because newsletters may only have brief updates, electricians may want to consider other avenues such as online publications, courses, and conferences.

Magazines and Online Publications

Magazines and online publications offer an in-depth look at industry trends and new technology. Some publications focus on electrical design, electrical construction, and other technical articles that can help electricians stay up-to-date. Online publications designed for electrical contractors are a good resource for electricians who want to keep up with sustainable or renewable energy, automation, and other advancements.

Continuing Education Courses

Continuing education courses are a comprehensive option to keep skills updated or to learn new skills for new technology. Webinar series, short-term training programs, and online courses for specific specialties can all be ways for electricians to keep learning. Depending on the certification requirements for each state, it may be mandatory to complete certain continuing education courses for certain licenses.

Conferences and Conventions

Finally, electricians may stay current with new industry developments by attending conferences and conventions. Many conferences will feature new technology that will be emerging in a few years, which gives electricians the opportunity to learn new skills to keep up with the inevitable demand. Other conventions may focus more on market opportunities so electricians can know where to invest their time and skills.

What Other Technology Can Electricians Use to Stay Competitive?

Staying updated with current technology advancements by signing up for virtual online courses isn't the only way electricians can maintain their competitive edge. For electricians who own their own businesses, using high-quality service software is also a crucial tool. Electrical contractors can greatly benefit from using intuitive, partially automated service software to boost their business performance.Some of the best features of service software for electricians include professional quoting tools, safety checklists, pre-program alerts, GPS tracking, and dispatching tools that can help customers receive prompt emergency service. Service software can also include accounting and invoicing features, such as one-touch-billing, that can cut down on paperwork and payment delays.

Other FAQs:

What Is a Journeyman Electrician Salary?

A journeyman electrician salary varies depending on the level of experience and area of specialty. An electrician who has just become a journeyman will usually make between $35,000 to $40,000, while an experienced electrician can make $80,000 or more annually. Electricians who work for industrial complexes or electrician businesses may earn additional wages through bonuses and other benefits.

How Long Do You Have to Be an Apprentice Before You Become a Journeyman?

An apprentice will usually need to train under a master electrician for at least three to five years before they are considered a journeyman. An apprentice will need to accumulate about 8,000 hours of experience and may need to complete classroom training, as well. For beginner electricians who are learning the trade through technical college, your degree program may require hands-on experience as an apprentice.

What Is the Difference Between a Journeyman and a Master Electrician?

The main difference between a journeyman and a master electrician is the level of experience and education a master electrician has. A master electrician will have additional skills and experience in areas such as electrical systems, electrical codes, electrical installations, and electrical safety regulations. A master electrician is also permitted to supervise apprentices and journeymen.A journeyman, on the other hand, is a middle-rank electrician. Many electricians decide to remain journeymen throughout their careers, particularly if the electrician does not want to work independently or own their own business. A journeyman electrician can have multiple specialties and licenses, depending on career goals.

How Can You Become a Master Electrician As a Journeyman?

If you are a journeyman and you want to become a master electrician, you will need to log additional hours or a combination of hours and educational credits. In general, a journeyman will need to complete an extra 4,000 hours of work experience, which should be completed in about two years for journeymen who are in the field.After gaining these extra experience hours, you will then need to pass an examination administered by your state's licensing board to become a master electrician. Usually, after you complete your exam, you will receive your results in a few weeks. Your license or master electrician certificate will be mailed to you.

Do You Need Different Licenses As an Electrician?

Most states have different license requirements for electricians based on their area of specialty. An electrical contractor will need to have a different license than an independent electrician. For electricians who work on construction sites, it may be necessary to have both licenses. The separate licensing requirements for electricians will be determined by local and state government regulations.

How Often Do You Need to Renew Your License?

Most states will require electricians to renew their certifications every two to four years. Certain licenses will expire more quickly than others. You must maintain an active license to work as an electrician. Usually, license renewal can be done remotely, such as online or over the phone.The electrician trade is constantly evolving, but electricians have access to several ways to keep up with new developments, such as continuing education courses and online publications can be invaluable. Journeyman electricians may want to pursue continuing education to obtain a master electrician license. To learn more about technology that can help electricians keep up with growing demand, contact ServiceBox for a free demo today.

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