How Can You Increase Your Salary as a Plumber?

The ServiceBox team has gathered a list of tips and actionable advice you can use to increase your plumber salary. Read on as we discuss the best ways to earn more money as a professional plumber.

Are You Ready for a Plumber Salary Increase? Earn More Money with These 8 Tips

1. Gain More Experience

Our first tip applies to virtually any job or career: gain more experience in your chosen field. If you already have to take regular courses to maintain a valid plumber's license, consider enrolling in additional classes or programs. First, it broadens your professional knowledge and ensures you're up-to-date on regulations, building codes, safety procedures, etc. Second, it beefs up your resume, allowing you to apply for better-paying jobs or charge more money for your services.

2. Pick a Specialty

If you're currently working as a general plumber, a great way to increase your plumber salary is by picking a specialty and investing time and effort to learn that specific trade. For example, commercial plumbing provides steady work at competitive wages since commercial jobs are usually large and complex. However, if you already work in the commercial sector, try exploring other specialties you can learn that will offer a bigger salary or more career opportunities.

3. Ask for More Hours or Sign Up for Overtime

Are you a company employee? If so, a great way to make more money at your current job is to ask for more hours, extra jobs, or sign up for any available overtime. Yes, maybe that means you'll have to spend Friday night working instead of going out with your friends. However, if you really want (or need!) to earn more money, losing out on a Friday night or weekend is worth it.

After all, the Fair Labor Standards Act states that employees who work overtime—more than 40 hours in one week—are entitled to receive at least time-and-a-half pay. So, for example, if you make $30 an hour, you would receive at least $45 an hour for any overtime you work. Plus, it shows your boss that you're serious about your job and willing to make sacrifices to help out the company.

4. Join a National Organization

Do you want to stay informed regarding the plumbing industry, available job or educational opportunities, regulations, technology advancements, and other critical information that could help you land a better job or make more money? Consider joining a national organization for plumbers. Many organizations offer valuable resources for young professionals and long-time career plumbers alike.

Here's a list of the best plumbing organizations and trade associations to consider joining:

  • Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractors Association of America
  • Mechanical Contractors Association of America
  • American Society of Plumbing Engineers
  • International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • National Association of Home Builders

5. Start Your Own Business

Are you unhappy with your current position as a company employee? Are you looking for ways to get a plumber salary increase? If so, here's the best piece of advice we can give you: start your own plumbing business. Yes, it will be challenging, and you'll need to save a lot of money or apply for financing. You'll also need tools, a work truck, insurance, administrative help, and the dedication it takes to succeed at building and running your own business, which is no easy task.

However, the rewards of becoming a business owner will be worth it if you succeed, especially in the long run. Running your own business gives you incredible opportunities to build a loyal customer base and make more money than you ever have before. In addition, starting a business is one of the best ways to secure a stable future for yourself in terms of income, savings, and retirement.

6. Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

What if you already own a plumbing business? How can you increase profits? If you're already running a company, it's time for an in-depth analysis to pinpoint how you can cut expenses while improving your operational efficiency. To accomplish this, more and more plumbers and service-based business owners are switching to workflow optimization software, such as ServiceBox. This advanced software eliminates manual recordkeeping and scheduling, which are error-prone methods and obsolete in today's digital age.

ServiceBox is a suite of software and business tools for service-based businesses. It helps you streamline daily operations, get paid faster, reduce costly errors, and manage your business with greater ease. ServiceBox has simple drag-and-drop customer scheduling and dispatch, one-click automated invoicing, professional quoting, inventory management, GPS tracking, and much more, all in one user-friendly, cloud-based app. Upgrade your business to automation software and reap the many benefits it will provide to your bottom line.

7. Invest Money in Marketing Your Business

Another great way to land more jobs and customers as a plumber is by investing money in advertising and marketing your company. As a service-based company, you rely heavily on local business. Therefore, consider marketing techniques like Google Ads, social media marketing, and radio/TV advertising. Also, keep your company website updated regularly, manage your digital reputation and online reviews, and always follow up with new customers as quickly as possible.

8. Ask for a Raise or Promotion

If you don't own a business, another option you have to increase your salary or working wage is by asking your boss for a promotion or raise. Before you officially ask, take the time to plan out a well-formed argument explaining why you deserve the extra wages—and don't just say that you're behind on rent. Explain why you're an asset to the company and give reasons as to why you deserve more responsibility.

When you make your argument, focus on your accomplishments and hard work, and use examples of how you have made the company more money or helped cut costs. Avoid slinging dirt on fellow employees, which paints you in a negative light. Speak with confidence so your boss knows that you believe in yourself and your skills as an employee. If all else fails, try negotiating for extra paid time off, better benefits, or more vacation time.

Whether you work for someone else or run your own business, there are plenty of ways to make more money as a plumber. Go back to school, ask for a raise, start your own business, or try upgrading to workflow optimization software like ServiceBox that can help you operate more efficiently and cut costs. Call ServiceBox today at (855) 314-0895 or complete our online form to request a software demo and learn how we can drive success for your business.  

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