Getting Your Electrician License: Everything You Need to Know

Electricians make a national average of about $36 per hour: far more than minimum wage and comparable to what you can earn with a college degree, except without all the debt!

Becoming a Trade School Electrician

Every state has unique requirements to become a certified electrician. However, most states have three things in common. First, you will need training. This can come from a trade school or by serving as an apprentice under an experienced electrician. Next, you'll need to accumulate professional experience. Most states call for four years of professional work before you can become fully licensed. Finally, you will have to pass an exam to obtain full certification.

As you acquire more hours of experience, you may be able to move up in rank as an electrician. The classic “apprentice, journeyman, master” tiers apply in most states, although some have other names. There are also a few states, like Illinois and Indiana, that don't have state guidelines but instead let local municipalities decide how to certify electricians. Generally, you'll have to reach the master rank before you can become an electrical contractor and open a full business.

Starting Your Own Electrical Contracting Business

If you're an electrician or you're looking to become one, you should set your sights on becoming a contractor in the future. While you will have to work a while to reach the point where you can get permission to bid on larger jobs and hire other electricians, it's well worth it. You can take on larger jobs when you have a team of electricians working for you, which means greater profits for the business owner: You!

So why do so many electricians continue to go it alone? In large part, it's because they lack the tools to run their own business. Trade schools for electricians mostly focus their education on electrical work. They don't often provide other classes on business administration or finances, things that are essential for any business owner. In addition, you will likely work for the business you start early on, so you might not have time to manage all the other details.

Get the Tools for Success

What's the solution? Today, you can get software-based solutions that help you manage your staff's schedules, track quotes, manage your company finances, and even schedule visits to clients. With mobile access, you can manage your business from anywhere. Even if you're not ready to hire other electricians yet, using a system like this can make your own personal business easier and help you scale up.

So, whether you're a one-person business or you've got a whole team of electricians ready to go to work, get a free demo of ServiceBox! It's the only business management software designed for contractors with your needs in mind.

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