From Invoicing to Scheduling: The Benefits of Software for Plumbers

From Invoicing to Scheduling: The Benefits of Software for Plumbers

Are you still writing all your own quotes and invoices? Do you spend hours each week managing your employees' schedules and updating your social media accounts? If so, software for plumbers could save you a lot of time. At ServiceBox, we've developed a comprehensive solution that allows small business owners to manage their companies with ease. Most of our customers state that they save hours each week when they start using the program. We can customize the program, so it meets your company's unique needs.

Managing Customers' Information

When you first set up your business, you might be able to remember the details of each of your customers. However, this becomes nearly impossible as your business grows and you start working with more people. At that point, you need a good customer information management system. ServiceBox allows you to store everyone's data in a searchable database, so you can find the information you need within seconds. Aside from your customers' contact details, you can also store their service records, pricebooks, and past communications. This information can be accessed by your employees, so they can offer your clients a personalized service, even if they've never worked with them before. As a result, your level of customer service improves, and you're more likely to retain loyal customers for many years.

Creating Quotes, Work Orders, and Invoices

Plumbing software allows you to create customizable quotes. Every quote is saved, so you can go back and check what you charged your client last time. Your documents can also be duplicated, which means that you no longer have to start from scratch each time. You can choose to show or hide a breakdown of the quote, offer discounts, and email your quotes directly to your clients. Once the client has accepted your quote, you can turn it into a work order and assign it to your employees. ServiceBox makes it easy for your workers to track the time spent and materials used, so you can send your customers an accurate bill. After the employees have completed the job, you simply turn the work order into an invoice and send it to your client via email.

Managing Employees' Schedules

Managing multiple employees' schedules can be extremely tough, but ServiceBox makes it easier because you can view your company's tasks on a calendar. When a new order comes in, you can simply assign it to the relevant employees, and they receive notifications on their devices. Because you can search for jobs by area or zip code, it's easy to maximize everyone's time and prevent needless journeys. You can also use GPS tracking to monitor your employees' progress. That way, you know when there are delays, and you can update the schedule accordingly. Because ServiceBox tracks the time your workers spend at each work site, it's easy for you to determine how much to charge your clients.


Marketing is one of the toughest aspects of running a successful plumbing business. Most company owners are excellent at their jobs, but they might not have the necessary knowledge to promote their firms effectively. This is a problem because digital marketing is essential, especially for businesses hoping to attract millennial and Gen Z customers. Good home service software allows you to manage all your social media accounts on one easy dashboard, so you don't have to worry about posts and interaction. It also provides Reputation Management by showing you how you're doing and what aspects of your digital marketing strategy you still have to improve. If you have a website, ServiceBox can check that it's search engine optimized, clear, and attractive.

Working from Anywhere

One of the key features of home service software is that it helps everyone to keep track of their work schedules and clients, no matter where they are. Business owners and employees no longer have to go to the office to retrieve a customer's file or complete paperwork. Instead, all the necessary information is available online. ServiceBox can be accessed from laptops, phones, and tablets.

Never Missing Out

Have you ever lost a customer because you didn't communicate effectively? If you don't have a comprehensive communication strategy that includes regularly reaching out to your clients and following up after sending quotes, the answer is probably "yes." Once you've installed ServiceBox, you no longer have to worry about this. The program automatically reminds you when it's time to follow up with your regular or prospective clients. It also monitors unpaid invoices, so you can send clients a message if they haven't paid on time.

Getting Plumber Invoicing Software

Do your research before you purchase software for plumbers. Start by making a list of features you need and then browse our website to see whether ServiceBox meets your business's needs. You can find out more about the program on the "Our Features" site, and you can read through the testimonials of our previous and current clients to see what other businesses are saying about us. Once you've decided that you'd like to try ServiceBox, reach out to us and ask for our free demo. We look forward to showing you what our program can do and how it can be customized to your unique needs. Small plumbing businesses around the country are facing increased costs and competition. To remain profitable, they have to maximize their time and implement smart solutions. Plumber invoicing software is essential because it helps business owners to manage customer information, create quotes and invoices, manage employees' schedules, and advertise. Get in touch with us at ServiceBox to start your free demo now.

No Surprises & Priced According To Your Needs

Our customers love the affordability and flexibility of our software. ServiceBox is priced to ensure you see a return on your investment. We have pricing options that align with your needs whether you’re a one person service business or manage a large team in the field.