Do You Need Certification to Be a Fire Safety Inspector?

Do You Need Certification to Be a Fire Safety Inspector?

To become a fire safety inspector, you must have a certification. The certification verifies that you have the training and credentials to assess potential fire hazards. A fire safety inspection certificate can be obtained through a local government training program, or it can be associated with a national fire safety association. Without certification, you will not be allowed to conduct fire inspections for any buildings.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Certification?

In general, after you have completed other requirements and submitted your application, it will take about three or more weeks to obtain your fire safety inspection certificate. Your certificate will usually be mailed to you or your place of employment.

How Long Does a Certificate Last?

A certificate for fire safety inspectors will usually last for one to three years, depending on the organization issuing the certificate. To recertify, you may need to pass examinations, submit a new application, or complete certain updated training courses.

What Are the Steps to Get a Fire Safety Inspection Certificate?

Like any other occupation, there are several steps to complete before you can become a certified fire safety inspector. For example, the bare minimum requirement for this job is having a high school diploma or an equivalent GED. Some local governments may have different education requirements, such as having at least an associate's degree.

Other steps include:

Training and Education

Before you are qualified to submit an application for your certification, you will usually need to complete several training courses. Many fire safety inspectors enroll in a technical college to get an education about fire safety and other regulations, while other inspectors gain equivalent educational experience with on-the-job training. Your training experience must be equivalent to at least two to four years of education.

Firefighting Experience

Ideally, a fire inspector should also have some experience as a firefighter. While you don't need to work as a firefighter for a long time, having a bit of firefighting experience can make you a more effective fire inspector. Some people may be interested in pursuing volunteer firefighter positions to gain experience during technical school. Speaking with a fire inspector mentor can give you more insight into the firefighting experience you may need.

Fire Academy

Before you can apply for your certification, you may also need to attend a fire academy. Most fire academies will offer specialized courses for fire safety inspectors to ensure inspectors have all the necessary skills to identify fire hazards. Courses at a fire academy may be bundled into technical college degree programs. If you are opting to learn fire inspection skills through hands-on experience, then you will need to attend a fire academy before you can become a firefighter.

Additional Training

Sometimes, it's also a good idea to get additional training. Additional training and other certifications can flesh out your resume to make you look more attractive to prospective employers. For example, you may want to get first aid certifications or CPR certifications, particularly if you are gaining experience as a firefighter. Some local governments may also require specialized training programs before you can apply for fire inspector certification.

Examination and Application

Finally, you may have to complete an examination before you can submit an application. A fire safety examination will assess your knowledge and skills about fire safety risks. Sometimes, you will need to submit your examination results with your fire safety inspection application. The application will gather information about your formal education and training, as well as any other experience you have.

What Skills Do Fire Safety Inspectors Need?

Fire safety inspectors need a variety of skills to be effective assessors. For example, you must be detail-oriented, rational, and logical to be an effective safety inspector. This is because, as a fire safety inspector, you will be tasked with examining the smallest details about a building to identify any fire safety risks. Critical thinking skills are essential, as well.

Qualities such as collaboration, communication, and leadership should also be priorities. Leadership is particularly important since fire safety inspectors command and educate others about fire safety recommendations, which means fire safety inspectors should feel confident in leadership roles. Communication skills and a willingness to collaborate are essential because fire safety inspectors will need to work with multiple people and must be able to communicate recommendations effectively so building owners can comply with fire safety codes.

How Can You Run a Successful Fire Safety Inspection Business?

Aside from education, work experience, and interpersonal skills, a fire safety inspector who wants to find success in their field may also want to learn about how to run a successful business. For fire safety inspector business owners, tools such as service software for your business can vastly improve your productivity, customer retention, and much more. Some key software for your business can include:

• Job management

• Customer information management

• Work order alerts

• Drag-and-drop scheduling

• Inventory management

Software such as automated work order alerts may be particularly important for fire safety inspectors. Most fire safety assessments will only be valid for a year, so automated alerts for recurring work orders will ensure customers have regular inspections and fire safety verification for their business. This type of software is essential for maintaining high customer retention.

To be a fire safety inspector, you must have a valid fire safety inspector certificate, which can last for a few years at a time. Qualifying for this certificate means obtaining the appropriate training and education credentials, passing examinations, and submitting an application to local fire inspection organizations. Visit Service Box to learn more about how you can boost the success of your fire inspection business today.

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