9 Things Customers Look for in a Plumbing Service

1. A Good Online Reputation

Plumbing is one of the most important parts of any residential or commercial building, so many customers aren't going to trust a company that doesn't have a good reputation online. They put in the effort and do the groundwork before they decide who to hire, so make sure your company is one of the most reputable.

Be sure to check reviews on websites such as Google reviews, Yelp, and others. Address any negative reviews you feel are unwarranted, and apologize for the customer's poor experience. If there are any concerns or advice people give you and your reviews, then take them on board.

2. A Strong Set of Qualifications

Plumbers might not need big, fancy qualifications from Ivy League colleges, but that doesn't mean they need no qualifications whatsoever. Customers want to see that every plumber from the company they hire has the required certifications and training required to operate safely and with expertise.

There are plenty of independent plumbers out there operating without adequate qualifications, and this can make some customers wary that businesses are employing plumbers who do the same. Make your employees' qualifications easily searchable.

3. A Word-of-Mouth Reputation

We've already talked about the importance of having a solid online reputation, but not every customer will go online to search for your business. Many will ask their friends for recommendations instead, so word-of-mouth by your previous customers is one of your top marketing tools. This is why every plumber working for your company should treat each customer like the most important person in the world.

If your plumbers make your customers feel seen, heard, and appreciated, then your customers will be more likely to recommend your business to others. Any one of your customers could have a very wide network of people to recommend you to.

4. A Clear Quote

Don't be vague about your prices. Offer to send your customers quotes, and be transparent about your pricing on your website. If any simple jobs have set prices, then put a list of these prices on your site. At the very least, give a price range of what certain jobs may cost.

Transparency is everything when it comes to getting customers, as they want to know you're going to cost less or the same as your competitors. If they think you're going to throw in a bunch of extra fees, then they may not trust you. Saying your prices "start from" a set number is good, but it's best to give customers a defined range so they won't have to worry about spending excessively on your service.

5. An Insurance Policy

All businesses should have general liability insurance. However, you'd be surprised by how many businesses operate without it. Make sure your customers know exactly what your insurance policy covers. Consumers want to be aware of all the precautions you're taking to prevent problems from occurring. Everyone knows accidents happen, and your customers need to know that you'll take responsibility for them if they do.

6. A Professional Website

We've already mentioned putting certain information on your website, but make sure that the website looks professional and is easy to navigate. Customers are less likely to trust somebody with a website that looks like it was built by a new web design student in 2007.

As well as looking good, your website must function effectively. Your customers will want to be able to find certain information about your business easily, so if you don't have a search function, then it would be a good idea to implement one. Having all of your pages clearly labeled and clickable is also a sign of a business that knows how to run things.

7. A Defined Service Area

Customers want to hire plumbers who live in their area. They don't want to wait around for somebody who may be two hours late because they got stuck in traffic trying to leave a city an hour away. List all the areas your service covers on your website, and ideally, use location-based keywords so customers can find you easily.

8. A Reputation for Being Punctual

Everyone knows the nightmare of "your service person will be with you between 7 AM and 7 PM on Monday." Try to give your customers a much narrower window of time, so they're not stuck waiting inside all day.

Ensure your plumbers do their best to show up to customers' houses during that window of time. Your customers aren't going to recommend your business to people if your plumber shows up an hour late and your customer needs to cancel an important appointment.

9. A Clear Path of Communication

Make sure your consumers remain up-to-date with what's happening from the moment they book your service. Send them the times the plumber is likely to arrive, and if your plumber is going to be late, then they should communicate this clearly to your customer. Letting your customers know how long the plumbing job will likely take is also a must in communication.

How Plumber Service Software Can Help You

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