7 Benefits of Using a Quality Quoting Service

1. An Increase in Productivity 

When you start to use quoting software, you immediately increase your company's productivity. You no longer need to spend a lot of time calculating the costs of your services and manually writing quotes. Instead, the program can take over the job, and you can focus on more important tasks, such as serving your customers well and finding new leads. 

So, how exactly does quoting software work? Once you've learned how to use the program and set up your preferences, it's very easy because there will be a template on the platform, and you simply have to plug in the right numbers and details. If you have several customers who need similar services, you can simply duplicate and adapt the quotes instead of starting from scratch, so you can save a lot of time.  

2. An Increase in Accuracy 

Because the quote is one of the first documents your customer sees from you, it has to be perfect. But the longer and more complex a process, the more chances there are for human error. When people write out each quote manually, mistakes and typos are almost guaranteed. These make your company appear unprofessional, and potential customers might not select your business because they believe that you aren't careful and trustworthy.

Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by using quoting software, which automates the process and therefore reduces the likelihood of you making a mistake or sending the wrong quote to your customer. The program allows you to offer a better service and therefore increase your chances of gaining loyal long-term customers.

3. Easy Job Management

Good home service software doesn't just help you create quotes, but it supports you at all stages of the job. Once your customer has accepted your quote, you can turn it into a work order with the click of a button. Then, you can assign it to one of your employees and make a note of the kind of work that has to be completed. A program like ServiceBox comes with a mobile app, so every employee can download it on their phone or tablet.

That way, workers can access your work orders even when they're on the go. After they've arrived at the customer's home, they can start the timer, so their billable hours are recorded. When the job is complete, you can turn your work order into an invoice, which gets sent to your customer's email address. This saves you a lot of time and energy because you'll only have to create the initial quote from scratch, and the program automatically takes it from there.

4. Better Communication with Customers 

When communicating with potential new customers, clarity and speed are key. Remember, the person might have requested quotes from several businesses, and they will only choose you if you offer them great value and a friendly, professional service. With software, you can personalize your quote by adding signatures and attachments and by choosing to either show or hide the price breakdown.

After your quote has been sent, the program will monitor what happens next. If there is no response, it will prompt you to follow up with the customer. That way, you never miss out on a business opportunity due to a lack of communication, and you will appear more professional to your customers. 

5. Better Communication with Employees 

In the past, businesses had to either print out quotes and customer information, or they had to send them to the relevant employees via email. This was not only slow and laborious, but it could also be problematic due to the high potential for data breaches. Fortunately, quoting software has made it much easier for you to safely share relevant documents with your team.

If you use a program like ServiceBox, every employee has an account, and you can choose what information you share with them. Once you assign your worker a task, you can send them the quote and details about the customer via the mobile app. Your employee will be able to access the information on their phone, wherever they are. What's more, the customer's data is secure because it is encrypted and stored in the cloud. 

6. Reduced Business Costs 

Businesses that don't use home service software waste a lot of time on administrative tasks. In fact, they might even have to hire extra team members to do jobs that could be automated. When you switch to ServiceBox, you immediately make your business more efficient and free up your employees' time, so they can work on the tasks they are trained to do instead of wasting time on admin.

Our software is available at an excellent price, and you can gain access to it for as little as $20 per month per user. When compared to the salary and benefits you'd have to pay an administrative assistant, this is extremely effective. Additionally, you should consider that the improved level of customer service you'll be providing is likely to increase the number of returning customers, cutting down on the need for advertising.

7. Your Business Will Become More Environmentally Friendly 

Many home service companies still send out paper invoices, which costs them money and taxes the environment. By using software, you can easily go digital because your quotes, invoices, and other communications will be sent to your customers via email. This can increase your reputation by positioning you as a caring, forward-thinking business.

High-quality quoting software can improve your customer service, reduce your administrative burden, allow for better communication with your customers and employees, and reduce your overall business costs. Get in touch with us at ServiceBox to find out more about our software. In addition to the quoting service, it also includes a marketing component, an easy scheduling function, timesheet software, and more.

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