8 Ways Plumbers Can Boost Their Salaries This Year

How Much Do Plumbers Make? 8 Ways Plumbers Can Boost Their Salaries This Year

1. Setting Up a Company

Becoming self-employed or establishing a plumbing company allows you to boost your income because you can set your own rates and take charge of your business operations. As an entrepreneur, you'll no longer have to pass some of your earnings on to your boss.

You can expand your services, cater to a broader clientele, and potentially increase your profits. Once you grow your customer base, you can hire additional plumbers to work for your company. This allows you to scale your operations and further grow your revenue.

Is Running a Business a Good Choice for Me?Before you start, make sure that now is the right time for you to become a business owner. If you're a newly qualified plumber without many contacts, or you have substantial regular expenses and a young family, you might have to delay setting up your company. Once you have financial stability, experience, and relevant industry contacts, you have a better chance of setting up a successful plumbing enterprise.

2. Getting Organized

Running a plumbing company demands excellent organizational skills, especially in managing customer information, payments, invoices, and staff. The easiest way to keep on top of everything is to use home service software like ServiceBox. This program comes with a centralized, searchable database accessible to all employees, so customer management is streamlined, and everyone has quick access to essential details.

Home service software also allows you to efficiently track customer interactions, payments, and staff schedules. For new companies mindful of budget constraints, opting for home service software is cost-effective compared to hiring administrative staff. ServiceBox costs as little as $25 per person per month, so it allows you to maintain organized and streamlined operations without breaking the bank.

3. Improving Marketing Efforts

A great way to increase your revenue is to get a constant stream of high-quality leads. To achieve this, you have to market your services online. ServiceBox provides valuable features to boost visibility and reputation. With our Search Engine Optimization capabilities, you can audit and optimize your website, so you rank higher on search engine results.

Our social media management tool allows for content management across various platforms, including Google My Business and Google Analytics. The Review Generator collects of positive customer reviews and automatically distributes them to key websites, so you can build trust among potential clients searching for your services.

4. Improving Customer Communication

Once you've acquired new customers, you have to make sure they are satisfied with your services, so they stay with you and recommend you to their network. Effective communication, punctuality, and proactive follow-ups are three essential strategies. ServiceBox's automatic communication reminders help you stay organized and never miss the opportunity to follow up with a customer.The program also comes with an easy-to-understand dashboard that simplifies schedule management. Because ServiceBox is accessible via mobile devices, automated reminders and notifications of upcoming appointments can be sent to both technicians and customers. These features also allow you to follow up post-service or when maintenance is necessary, so you get more repeat business.

5. Managing Staff

If you want to maximize your plumbing business's income, make sure you're managing your employees and their workload effectively. When you get ServiceBox, your staff can use the program to speed up quote creation and automatically turn accepted quotes into work orders. When the job is completed, the work order can then be turned into an invoice becomes. This easy process eliminates duplicated data entry and reduces employee errors.It allows your workers to focus on their work without having to worry about cumbersome admin tasks. When your employees are on the job, ServiceBox can track them through a GPS-enabled check-in/check-out system on their phones. This ensures accurate timesheets without manual input.

6. Setting Up a Subscription Business Model

Subscription business models involve offering services on a recurring basis, often through subscription plans or memberships. This model is valuable for plumbers because it provides a steady and predictable stream of revenue and fosters customer loyalty and long-term relationships. The advantages include consistent cash flow, enhanced customer retention, and the ability to plan and allocate resources effectively.

Use software to implement a subscription model. With its communication and automatic billing capabilities, ServiceBox makes subscription management easy. The program offers tools to track and manage subscription plans, ensuring plumbers can deliver services as per the agreed-upon schedule.

7. Reducing Costs

You can reduce your costs by effectively managing your inventory. First, instill a culture of proper tool care among employees. This ensures that equipment lasts longer, minimizing the need for frequent replacements. Investing in employee education, perhaps through regular workshops, reinforces the importance of responsible tool handling.ServiceBox further streamlines cost-saving measures by automating inventory management. The program provides real-time tracking, preventing both shortages and surplus stock. With automated re-ordering, when inventory levels drop below a set threshold, you can optimize your stock levels and reduce the risk of emergency purchases or wasted resources.

8. Maintain Organized Accounts

ServiceBox can help you to prevent mistakes with your invoices and accounts. It integrates with QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, and Sage50 Canada. This minimizes the likelihood of missing invoices or making costly errors in tax returns.Plumbers are currently in high demand, and this isn't expected to change in the near future. If you're looking for a stable career, plumbing could be right for you. While employees earn a moderate wage, self-employed plumbers and those who run a small company can make significantly more, especially if they manage their business well. Message us at ServiceBox to find out how to gain new clients and save money.

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