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Fire Safety & Protection

ServiceBox offers a wide variety of features perfectly suited for fire safety and protection companies. With the industry’s easiest drag-and-drop calendar for scheduling/dispatching, a solid and intuitive inventory tracker, easy accounting integration and self-populating timesheets, ServiceBox mitigates inefficiency and delivers an increased flow of productivity and profit.

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ServiceBox software has the tools your fire safety and protection company needs. Fire safety and protection companies need software suitable for both the install and service operations within their organization. When it comes to installs, our software allows users to turn quotes and work order into invoices with a simple push of a button.  For ongoing maintenance, our software allows you to pre-program recurring work orders that automatically appear and alert your administrative team when it’s time for a company’s next appointment.

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Fire Safety Features

Most service trades tend towards one end of the install/service spectrum or the other, but Fire Safety and Protection companies need a software that is robust for both. While the initial install represents the largest single financial point of contact with customers, profit is accumulated through ongoing inspections and maintenance. ServiceBox is designed to make your life easier in both regards.


One-Touch-Billing with payment links in your Invoice emails, or handpoint devices for charging       your customer’s card onsite.

Pre-Program Alerts

Pre-program recurring  maintenance Work Orders to appear and alert your admin staff when it’s time for a company’s next appointment.

Track What Matters

A feature for tracking Contracts and Warranty.

Mobile Management

Inventory Management that tracks the number and location of each part, and warns you when supplies are low.

Schedule And Dispatch

Schedule and Dispatch employees with the industry’s easiest drag-and-drop calendar.

Professional Quotes

Professional Quoting and Job Costing features with optional standardized price systems.

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Optimize Your Workflow

Manage With Ease

Create quotes in minutes, track every job in real-time, and manage recurring maintenance and projects with ease.

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Stay Connected

Quickly assign work and keep your office connected with your field staff at all times through two-way syncing.

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Streamline your operations to get more jobs done in a day, while providing better service for your customers.

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“Great functionality. I have very much appreciated the benefits of having one piece of software that provides a comprehensive experience for all employees from the top down.”

Joy L.

JRL Solutions

“I have been using ServiceBox for almost a year now and it is a great tool to have for creating work orders. I have had customers tell me how professional the work orders look and how easy it is"

Shaun R.

STR Equipment Services Ltd.

“Great software. It has basically everything we need to make our business flow perfectly. The mobile app is great for on the road.”

Amy H.

Southern Comfort HVAC Services Inc.

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Our customers love the affordability and flexibility of our software. ServiceBox is priced to ensure you see a return on your investment. We have pricing options that align with your needs whether you’re a one person service business or manage a large team in the field.