The Technological Edge: Growing Your Electrical Business With Tech

The Technological Edge: Growing Your Electrical Business With Tech

Marketing software can lead to more customers, customer information management software can result in better customer retention, and invoicing software can make accounting tasks much easier. Electrician scheduling software is also important for growing a business. The most essential features of this software include:

Automated Work Orders

Before any of your technician's time can be scheduled, a work order must be created. To save time and reduce data duplication, you can use integrated cloud-based software that automatically converts client quotes into detailed work orders. Once these automated work orders have been saved into the system, your scheduling software can access the work orders and assign the work requests to the most appropriate field technician.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduler

The focal point of effective scheduling software is a drag-and-drop calendar. A drag-and-drop feature makes scheduling a breeze. Instead of manually inputting details or clicking through individual schedules, a drag-and-drop calendar gives admin staff an at-a-glance ability to simplify the scheduling process. With an at-a-glance feature, admin staff can access the entire calendar interface to speed up schedule organization.

A drag-and-drop scheduler can grab pending work orders from the system and simply drop the work order into available time slots for the most scheduling efficiency. Not only is this a much simpler way to schedule, but the visual representation of the drag-and-drop calendar can be less overwhelming for admin staff who have to keep up with multiple schedules.

Dispatcher Mode

The best scheduling software will give you admin staff dispatch capabilities. Electricians often have urgent work orders, which means admins need to be able to direct available field technicians to urgent job sites as quickly as possible. Dispatcher mode works in tandem with GPS tracking so that admins can view which available technicians are in the closest proximity to the job site.

Cloud-based scheduling with dispatcher mode also reduces the loss of information. Because work orders can be dropped directly into a time slot with all job request details included, this means work order information is relayed directly to technicians. Dispatcher mode will automatically dispatch the appropriate field technician to the job site, with all work order information readily available on the technician's mobile device.

Can Scheduling Software Organize Teams?

While the focal point of scheduling software is an efficient calendar system, there are other tools that can make the scheduling software easier to use. For electrical businesses that have dozens of employees, keeping track of every technician's schedule on the same calendar can be extremely difficult. However, the best scheduling software allows admin staff to organize technicians into teams to make the scheduling process easier.

Technician teams can be organized in any way that is most sensible for your business. Some electrical businesses organize technicians by specialty, while other businesses organize technicians by geographic location. Whichever way you go, scheduling software with additional organizing tools is one way to boost the productivity and growth of your business.

What Are the Benefits of Electrician Scheduling Software?

Aside from helping with organization and simplifying the scheduling process, there are many other benefits of using electrician scheduling software. Some business owners may consider GPS tracking a benefit since it can result in more timesheet and invoicing accuracy. GPS tracking can also make it easier to dispatch employees. Other benefits of this software include:


Electronic scheduling saves time. While manual calendars have to be flipped through and appointment details must be recorded by hand, electronic calendars allow appointments to be made at the click of a button. When scheduling software features like drag-and-drop and at-a-glance capacities are added, electronic scheduling becomes an exceptional time-saving technology.


Electronic calendars and scheduling software are also eco-friendly. While old-school calendars require an endless amount of paperwork to keep everything organized, an electronic scheduler only uses digital data. This software is no more taxing on resources than using a computer or smart device, so it's one way you can reduce operation costs at your business. Plus, if your business focuses on sustainability, software can help with these goals.


It's important that scheduling software be also user-friendly. Sometimes, admin staff working with outdated scheduling systems can become overwhelmed and disorganized, which can make it difficult to do their jobs.

Scheduling software from ServiceBox, on the other hand, is highly intuitive. This cloud-based technology is specifically designed to be user-friendly, which means it is easy to navigate and even easier to learn how to use. Plus, when you are ready to update your scheduling software, ServiceBox will help with the onboarding process with team training and one-on-one instruction.

Can Scheduling Software Help With Customer Retention?

It might not seem like it, but good scheduling software can actually help with customer retention. Customers are more likely to trust your company when technicians show up at job sites on time and with the tools necessary to complete work orders efficiently. When your customers trust that your technicians are reliable, this can ensure customers return for additional service.

Furthermore, scheduling software with pre-program alerts can also help with customer retention. When you can schedule recurring work orders as part of a service agreement, you will be able to build a long-term relationship with your client. Recurring work orders are also a surefire way to guarantee profits in the future.

Effective scheduling is one of the best methods you can use to grow your business. Without good scheduling software, it's impossible to keep track of employee schedules, work order requests, and timesheet management. However, when you use scheduling software that simplifies and partially automates the process, you will likely see a boost in your productivity and profits. See how scheduling software can help your electrical business when you contact ServiceBox.

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