The Role of Job Management Software in Managing Duct Cleaning Services

The Role of Job Management Software in Managing Duct Cleaning Services

Improving the workflow of your business is the key to increasing profits and productivity. The traditional way of managing your workflow involves a lot of paperwork with duplicate information and the high possibility of human error. Job management software, on the other hand, uses cloud-based technology that automatically keeps information synched up and allows employees to access important job-related information from anywhere.

Step One: Generate Initial Quote

The first step in using this software for your duct cleaning business is to use a professional quoting program. Professional quotes are accurate estimations of a job request that can be given to customers as part of the client intake process. Ideally, professional quoting software should include specific information about the job request so the quote can be as accurate as possible.

Your work orders need to offer competitive pricing, so your business will attract many clients. The professional quote can be sent to the customer electronically, or it can be confirmed immediately over the phone or by email. This software can also help your customer service employees keep track of follow-ups for work orders that haven't been confirmed yet by the client.

Step Two: Create a Detailed Work Order

When a quote is accepted, your administrative staff can use the software to turn the quote into an accepted work order with the click of a button. The work order will include details about the job request, including information about the client, location, and supplies needed to complete the job request. A detailed work order can help your administrative staff understand how many field technicians are needed to complete the work order.

Step Three: Drag Work Order Onto the Calendar

Once a work order is completed, your administrative staff will be able to deposit the work order onto the calendar. Using a drag-and-drop feature, your admins can easily locate open time slots for HVAC teams or individual field employees to assign the work order. Depending on the level of urgency for the job request, your field technicians can be dispatched immediately.

If you are scheduling a duct cleaning service for a return client, the work order may be part of pre-program alerts for that client. This type of software works by creating reminders to schedule repeat services at regular intervals so clients can receive prompt service. Preventative maintenance service reminders and contract renewal reminders can also be scheduled using this software.

Step Four: Add Details to Work Order

When your field technicians accept a work order, they will be able to access the details of the work order using a mobile device. This is another essential feature for your overall job management since mobile access to the work order allows your employees to add notes, pictures, files, and other information to the work order file.

Work order notes can be important for client invoicing and inventory tracking. When field technicians can add notes about supplies needed to complete the job and other details, billing information is more accurate. Your employees can also complete a checklist before the work order is turned in to ensure every element of the job is completed.

Step Five: Convert the Work Order to Invoice

After a work order is completed, this order can be automatically converted into an invoice that is sent directly to the customer via email. Instead of relying on traditional mail, an electronic invoice gives the client immediate access to billing information and a link to an online payment portal so payments can be processed swiftly. The automatic conversion of a work order into an invoice eliminates duplicated information and billing errors.

Step Six: Complete the Mobile Timesheet

As part of your job management software, employee timesheets can be automatically tracked based on when work orders are completed. A GPS-enabled mobile device with a check-in and check-out feature can account for all billable hours so employees are compensated fully, even if it takes more time to complete a work order than expected. Paperless automated timesheets can also save your administrative staff significant time.

Other Key HVAC Software

Aside from managing work orders from start to finish, your HVAC business software can be crucial for other elements of your business. For an HVAC business, tracking the inventory in the warehouse and on work trucks ensures you never run out of supplies. Instead of tracking your inventory the old-fashioned way, you can use inventory management software to automatically track all of your inventory. This software will notify you when supplies are running low.

Payment Software

ServiceBox job management features work seamlessly with accounting and money management software. When you send an electronic invoice to your customers, you have a couple of options for processing payment. In addition to a payment link via email, you can also collect payment information directly from the client when you confirm or complete a job order. Your field technicians can also be equipped with a hand-point device to process payments on-site.

The accounting software you use to manage the books for your business can easily be integrated into ServiceBox software. For example, electronic invoices can be automatically synched with accounting software, which can save your accountants from tracking down invoices and inputting data every day. From there, invoice information can be instantly transferred to your QuickBooks Online or Sage50 Canada accounting software.

A successful HVAC business uses every tool in the toolbox to maintain high productivity. Software for job management can assist in each step of a work order request. You can also use other software, such as payment software, to improve aspects of your business management. Contact ServiceBox to try out a free demo today.

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