Software Benefits in the Plumbing Business Landscape

Seven Software Benefits in the Plumbing Business Landscape

1. Better Document Management

Instead of hanging on to paper files from several years ago, you can use cloud-based plumbing software to manage your business documents. From invoices to accounting documents, digital document storage is much more convenient and secure.

One of the biggest benefits of using digital documents is the increased level of accessibility. All of your employees can easily access cloud-based documents using a smartphone application, so even if your employees aren't in the office, they can still easily view client information to better serve customers.  

2. Improved Customer Information Management

If you want your business to thrive, then it's essential to use software to manage customer information. Whether you have a new client or a repeat client, service software can help your business improve customer satisfaction. Your customer information management software can give you a review of previous work orders, track customers with service agreements, and ensure invoices from previous work orders are paid before a new appointment is made.

Preventative Maintenance

Customers with recurring work orders appreciate priority service. Plumbing software with a preventative maintenance tool can easily allow you to schedule recurring work orders or program system alerts to stay on top of service contracts. Preventative maintenance for plumbers could include regularly scheduled checks for pipes or backflow devices.

Additionally, automating preventative maintenance appointments can increase the number of contracts your plumbing business manages. Service schedule reminders can be programmed to alert clients via email, phone, or text, as well.

3. More Accurate Professional Quotes

If you want to compete with other plumbers in the area, then competitive quoting is essential. You can use service software with high-quality professional quoting software to produce accurate quotes. The best professional quoting software will include features such as price breakdowns, which can also be viewed by the customer. Quotes can be emailed to the client before they are approved, and you can even automate follow-ups.

4. Improve Time Management

The larger your business grows, the more time you will need to dedicate to managing various tasks. Fortunately, using cloud-based service software can improve your time management. When you use software that can partially automate some tasks, such as scheduling and timesheet management, your staff will be able to get more done each day.

Scheduling and Dispatching

Creating an organized calendar is one of the best ways to improve the time management for your business. An ordinary paper calendar or a basic digital calendar likely can't keep up with the daily demands of your business since these outdated methods require a lot of duplicate data input and time-consuming employee tracking.

However, when you use cloud-based scheduling software, your administrative staff can easily view and manage the individual schedule for each of your field technicians. Drag-and-drop and at-a-glance calendar features allow your administrative staff to move schedules around easily when new work orders are approved. Additionally, this software can make it easy to quickly dispatch employees for urgent work orders.

Timesheet Software

The job management software used by your business has many helpful features, including automated time billing and timesheet software. Timesheet software works by automatically tracking how long it takes for a field technician to complete a work order. Automatically tracking billable hours ensures your employees are accurately compensated and that your business can generate accurate invoices for billable time.

5. Easier Accounting Management

Managing the financial aspects of your business can take a lot of time. Accounting software is designed to help your accounting employees be more efficient. Common accounting features included in your service software are automatic timesheets from invoices, payment invoice tracking, and configuring imports for specific accounts.

The best accounting software is designed with a customized accounting connector, which allows for two-way synchronization for invoice tracking. The accounting connector can merge your business software with accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage50 Canada.

6. Better Job Tracking

Service software can help you track and manage your workflow for each work order. Workflow management software includes features such as converting completed work orders into invoices, tracking work order materials, and adding notes to work orders. Tracking your work orders from start to finish using service software can reduce data entry duplications and increase the turnaround time for payment processing.

7. More Efficient Inventory Management

Service software can also improve the inventory management for your plumbing business. Your business has to keep track of inventory on work trucks and in the warehouse. Instead of tallying inventory by hand, the software can track materials used for each work order, subtract those materials from the inventory, and keep your register continually updated. When you're running low on any supplies, inventory management software will send you an alert.

Should Plumbing Software Have Mobile Connectivity?

To get the most out of software for your plumbing business, it's best to use software designed with mobile connectivity in mind. Your cloud-based software will allow your employees to update documents and schedules on the go. Software that is compatible with mobile applications ensures GPS tracking features for field employees work correctly, such as dispatching and timesheet software.

Can Service Software Help With Advertising?

Your service software can give your plumbing business another edge when it comes to accounting. A marketplace feature can improve the advertising strategy for your business through management tools for SEO, social media, website audits, and review generators. With more insight about which of your advertising strategies are performing well, you can make actionable decisions on how to improve your marketing strategy for greater success.

Staying competitive in a demanding industry like plumbing means reviewing how you manage your day-to-day business operations. Investing in service software with tools designed to improve your business is a great way to increase your profits. Reach out to ServiceBox to learn more about effective service software.

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