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Here’s Why Service Companies Need Specialized Software

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The right software not only helps a service company get work done quickly and efficiently, it serves as a hub for all of that company’s administrative functionality. It provides consistency, better organization, more accurate records, eliminates duplicated tasks and common pitfalls, simplifies record-keeping and greatly increases connectivity. It frees you to focus more time on your customers and provide them with better service.

A lot of benefits come standard with service industry software…

Creates a centralized system for all work orders

A good software will ensure that there is a centralized system for work orders. Work order creation, delivery and storage is ordered into a smooth, clear, and transparent process. Our particular system also includes a drag-and-drop scheduling calendar that sends work order information straight to field techs’ phones the second the admin drags the work order into their column on the screen. In the act of creating an orderly visual for themself, the admin has also dispatched the tech. Two jobs finished with one stroke of the mouse.

Workflow management software automates all the processes involved in getting the work done. It automatically transfers and replaces data between departments, eliminating the need for Admins to change the same things again and again in different folders. It reduces mistakes made, duplication and disorganization. 

Ensures everyone is updated

With some workers in the field and others in the office, communication can be tricky. Web-based workflow management software ensures that everyone receives real-time updates, with both admins and field techs able to add notes, pictures and to-do lists, from the office computer or a mobile device in the field. Everyone involved in the process receives updates simultaneously, so the whole team knows where they stand, and what tasks to work on. 

Up-to-date communication allows problem-solving in real-time. Giving techs the ability to add comments and notes to work orders in the field further increases efficiency of communication and helps build rapport. Being able to access the work orders and software by mobile device is key to increasing effectiveness, connectivity, and standardization of the procedure. If you want, our ServiceBox system allows your techs to invoice the customer right from their phone. 

Good record-keeping for better planning and budgeting

Measuring performance is vital for a business, both on the macro and micro-level. A workflow management software ensures that there is organized and up-to-date record-keeping. In ServiceBox, work order and invoice information automatically saves to the jobsite’s address profile for easy access in the future.

Users can access jobsite info and business activity data for future planning and budgeting. The system provides clear, quantifiable info that will be the base for setting the company’s goals and timelines. Preset alerts guarantee that equipment and operations upgrade on schedule, and recurring work orders are processed smoothly and on time. 

Controls the access to information

Information is an organization’s most useful resource; in the right hands it improves performance. In the wrong hands…not so much.

Getting the right information into the right hands and keeping it out of the wrong hands is a key purpose of workflow management software. Users can be given different levels of access, dictating the amount of data that they have and what they’re able to do with it, as need requires. With ServiceBox, some users are able to see and change all the data, while others are able to change only certain types of data. Or you can set it up so that some employees can view the data but not change it at all. With ServiceBox, every access point is variable and adjustable to fit your business. There is access, but also accountability.

And the really bad guys? Good workflow management software ensures that no unwanted entity can access your information, under any circumstance. At ServiceBox we use Microsoft’s Azure servers; one of the most powerfully secure systems on the planet.

Inventory and process tracking

Can we brag? We’re in the process of adding real-time tracking in our software that automatically adjusts inventory lists as parts go out to jobs, so there’s no need to go in and make the changes manually. And when you need to plug your invoice data into an accounting program like Quickbooks or Sage 50, our software has a patch that makes that happen with the simple push of a couple of buttons. 

Makes your company more efficient

Workflow management software is crucial to any organization that wants to simplify its workload while boosting competitiveness. In a recent survey, our customers reported an average of 30% increase in their day-to-day business efficiency after incorporating ServiceBox. Companies moving to us from a purely paper system reported a 96% increase inefficiency. 96%! Here’s a quote we received from a customer, unsolicited, earlier this month (Feb. 5):

“First off, I wanted to extend my gratitude for what ServiceBox has done for me, my family and my company. Before this, my wife and I spent every minute we were home staring at each other while working through mounds and mounds of paper that never seemed to have an end. ServiceBox has given me back 3/4 of my life and time and I’m forever grateful.”
-Shawn, “The Shock Doctor”, Dunrobin, ONT, Canada

The best work order management software for you

There is so much more to talk about when it comes to workflow management software, but hopefully, these highlights help you understand the benefit of investigating further. At ServiceBox we have people available every day to do live screen shares with service professionals, to help them a tour and understand our software. (click Here and select “ServiceBox Demo”, OR click on “book a demo” button at

There’s no such thing as a magic bullet when it comes to organizing your business, but just like on the job site, there are tools. And some are better than others. With a small investment of time in the early going to learn functionality, ServiceBox can become a powerful tool in your administrative tool belt…actually, it’s the whole belt….and can help you reach peak efficiency.

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