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What is Field Service Management and Why You Should Take Notice?

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Field services (services that are offered by employees in the field) can get quite complicated if not handled the right way. These services involve dispatching of contractors or technicians to specific customer locations to carry out tasks like installation, repairs, maintenance, and so on.

The problem with these services is that they usually involve several variables, especially since they occur in the field and not in the office. Therefore, if you run a services company, managing the field services you offer can be quite tough, especially if you rely on a manual system of doing things (involving human labor). Fortunately, in recent times, field services have become very easy to manage, thanks to the emergence of technologies such as the Field Services Management software.

What is Field Service Management?

Field Service Management (FSM) refers to any system that is used by a service company to manage its field resources (employees, vehicles, and other equipment). It involves:

1. Scheduling work orders and assigning them to the appropriate field personnel
2. Dispatching field personnel to work on new assignments that come up
3. Providing field personnel with important information about their assignments (job data, customer history, etc.)
4. Updating field personnel on changes or updates to their assignments while they are in the field
5. Getting progress reports on assignments being carried out
6. Routing field personnel to other assignments once they complete their current ones
7. Managing product inventory to ensure it is always available for the field personnel when the need arises

A Field Service Management system features a software that automates all of the above tasks, as well as mobile devices that the field employees can use to access the information from the software. 

How can Field Service Management help your service-based business?

Using a Field Service Management software can have several advantages for your service-based business. Below is a look at some of them:

a) It helps to streamline communication between the field and office personnel

One of the main benefits of field service management is that it fosters better communication between field personnel and the office employee. When needed, the field personnel can be contacted easily using mobile devices, and without the need of them reporting physically to the office. Likewise, if the field personnel need anything from the office, they can place a request through the FSM software, which will then be instantly taken care of.

b) It helps to optimize dispatches and scheduling 

Scheduling work assignments and dispatching field personnel to where they are needed is one of the most difficult tasks of a service-based business. However, when using an FSM software, the whole process is automated, and thus it is faster and more efficient. 

c) It ensures that field personnel always have access to important information

Another major challenge that faces service-based businesses is when the field service workers fail to get access (in a timely manner) to information that is critical to their assignments. When this happens, issues such as poor quality work, long delays, poor customer experience, and high costs can arise. 

Fortunately, when you are using an FSM software, you never have to worry about these problems. At any given time, your field employees will have access (online or offline) to the software, thus allowing them to access any information they need. With an FSM, additional information can also be shared in real time with the field personnel by the employees at the office.

d) It helps to reduce time wastage

The improved scheduling and dispatching help to ensure that there are minimal or no delays at all in getting the field personnel to the sites where they are needed. By providing them with instant access to the information they need, the FSM software also ensures that the field technicians don’t have to sit idle for long waiting to receive the information they need. This helps to ensure that there is no time wastage.

On top of that, an FSM software provides you with a way of monitoring how all the resources (including your field service workers) are being utilized. This helps to increase accountability among the field personnel and discourages them from wasting time when they are supposed to be working.

How can adopting Field Service Management benefit your customers?

Field Service Management is not only beneficial to your business, but also to your customers. In fact, all of the benefits a Field Service Management software offers you lead to a single objective – improving the customer experience. Below is a look at how an FSM software can help to improve the experience you offer your customers

a) Faster delivery of services – with optimized scheduling and dispatch, you will be able to get your field service personnel to the customers’ location at a faster rate.

b) Tracking and anticipating customers’ needs – an FSM software keeps a record of all the jobs done. Using these records, the field service personnel can be able to look up the history of a specific customer and be able to anticipate his/her needs.

c) Faster delivery of information to customers – when your business is using an FSM software, the field service personnel will have access to the same information as the employees who are at the office. Therefore, they can be able to instantly provide customers with any information they require, as opposed to having the customers call (or physically visit) the office.

d) Giving field personnel more time to offer service to customers – with reduced delays and time wastage, field service personnel get enough time to offer quality services to the customers


Field Service Management is important to any business that offers field services. Not only is an FSM software advantageous for such a business, but it also helps to improve the quality of services offered to the customers. Therefore, if you own or operate a service-based business, switching to Field Service Management is a very smart idea.


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