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The feedback we get again and again from customers who choose ServiceBox us is that they like how flexible the software is, and how it allows for customization. It’s often the point that sets us apart from competitors. But even so, occasionally a business will contact us and say “your product would be perfect for us, if only it could do this. Is that possible?”

The answer is yes. Almost 100% of the time, ServiceBox can be made to do that. And sometimes, that is already doable without anything having to be changed. It’s just a matter of finding the relevant functionality within the software and learning how to use it. But there are also times when that doesn’t exist in ServiceBox, and in those situations, we can make it exist.

If enough customers ask us for the same new feature, we’ll add it to a future release and you’ll get it for free when the release drops. But if you need something unique, or if you need it right now, there is a way to jump the queue. Here’s how the process works:

  1. The user submits a ticket, using the feedback button in ServiceBox, asking about a specific functionality.
  2. As stated above, the support person will first try to propose a way to do what the user needs done with existing functionality. If they can’t propose a solution, or if the suggested solution doesn’t work, we’ll ask if the user wants a quote for a customization.
  3. If they want a quote, we will ask specifics to make sure we understand the request…what you need the software to do…and to be able to give the most accurate quote possible. Then the designers will look to see how difficult the new addition will be, and how many hours they think it will take to program. Once they’ve constructed the quote, it will be sent back to the user.
  4. ​If you approve the quote, we will schedule and work on the item.
  5. Once the work is complete, we activate the new feature on the client’s site and ask them to try it out.
  6. If the new addition accomplishes what the customer needs, we charge their card for the cost of the Quote.

The developers charge $150/hour for customizations. It’s a one-time fee that mostly covers development, but also covers ongoing maintenance, as when the new functionality needs to be upgraded within a new release or a system expansion. Here’s some examples of customizations we’ve been asked  for, which took developers between 2 and 4 hours to build:

  1. One customer wanted us to build a safety into their version of ServiceBox that prevented users from seeing attachments added by administrators.
  2. Another customer wanted a specific customization of their timesheet printing, including a list of check-ins/outs on the timesheet along with any added maintenance notes.
  3. A third customer asked us to custom format the printing of invoices, quotes and workorders, with spacing adjustments, changes to the header prints, and information added not normally available on these printouts.
  4. Another customer wanted their Workflow adjusted to prevent users from entering time into a workorder until after their maintenance notes had been entered.

So those are some examples of things customers wanted done to make their software exactly what they needed, which we were happy to oblige. Need something just for you? Let us know by clicking the “feedback” button in ServiceBox and sending us a note. Our guys will get right on it.

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