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ServiceBox New Features – Version 7.0

Sunday Oct 15, 2017

ServiceBox New Features – Version 7.0


We have found that there has been a need for customers to be able to have different prices for items in ServiceBox.  We have developed a feature that we call Pricebook that will allow you to create custom price lists that you can assign to customers and job sites.   This will now give the flexibility to allow for various contract prices to be applied to different customers or job sites.  If you have different customers that have different labor rates and you want to have your techs time default to that time, this all can be done by using Pricebooks.  We have also considered that if you are using Pricebooks you may want to have the price of your materials remain fixed but have your labor items adjusted.  You can do all of this through the Pricebooks.

Pricebook – User Guide:

Internal Attachments

Have you ever had the need to keep some attachments so that you cannot have the ability to send them to a customer.  With Internal attachments, you can set attachments to be internal and this will hide internal attachments from being selected when emailing or printing.  We hope this can prevent any accidential emailing of important info.  To turn on internal attachments you can go to Settings -> Plan -> Features and select “Internal Only Attachments”.  If you would like to have all attachments to default to Internal then also select “Default Attachments to Internal Only”

Is there a way to make attachments private so they can’t be sent to customers:

Automatic Update of Work Order Status From Invoice

We have found that in a lot of cases, the workflow causes you to have to go back into the Work Order once the invoice is set to Paid or submitted and adjust the Work Order status.  We have now added in the ability to set the Work Order status to a certain status automatically once the Invoice Status is changed.  This feature is automatically turned on for your site but you will need to adjust some settings.  To make adjustments go to Settings -> Invoices -> Statuses, a new column has been added to the Invoice Statuses table.  For each invoice status you can set a Work Order status that will be changed for the Work Order once the Invoice Status is saved.

*** Note: If you have any close work order actions ie Signatures, attachments, checklists, these will be ignored and the Status will be set.

Is there a way to automatically change the status of a Work Order from the Invoice?:

Mobile App for iOS

We have completed the mobile app for iOS.  The mobile app will allow for access of the ServiceBox mobile site (normally accessed through a mobile browser), through the app.  This will also give the ability to have mobile notifications from ServiceBox to the mobile device.  This is our first stand alone app, so please let us know about any feedback!