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ServiceBox New Features – Version 6.7

Sunday, June 11, 2017

ServiceBox New Features – Version 6.7

Accounting Connector Improvements

The main purpose of this release has been to improve the Accounting Connector for QuickBooks Desktop, Sage 50 and QuickBooks Online. We found that there was a lot of common issues that would come up because of data issues from ServiceBox, so we have tightened up the data checks within ServiceBox so prevent such things as duplicate customer names, and duplicate Job Site names for the same customer.

We have also made improvements to handle any syncing issues better, our goal is to create a seamless system between the accounting software and ServiceBox.

We also made some improvements to the accounting connector itself to display more information in the sync screen so to better understand the specific data that is being imported into the Accounting Software.

There is a significant improvement to the way we import data from accounting to ServiceBox. We have streamlined and made more consistent the data import, so we can handle more data situations. We have also introduced importing of items through Sage 50 and QuickBooks Desktop. Though this feature will help new businesses, it is something that is significant.

Below is a list of all of the changes for accounting that was made:

Business Rule Changes

  • Sync failed if a job site name had a : in it. Make this an invalid character for a Jobsite
  • Sync Failed if a job site name had a \ in it.
  • In ServiceBox, We should prevent a customer from being created if there is another customer with the same name.
  • We should prevent a customer in ServiceBox from being able to have 2 job sites with the same name. This really messed up the sync.

Accounting Connector General Changes

  • Sage – Can we display the Invoice amount in the sync screen
  • Is there a way to copy the results from the sync to a file (right now each item can’t be selected. – or have a report of the export)
  • Sage – For each invoice that is imported can we display the customer/job site
  • Show Progress indicator on load when loading up the customers in a “preview”
  • Parameterize the Attention label with a list of options.
  • Move export customers from accounting to service box out of the main flow

QuickBooks Desktop Accounting Fixes

  • New customer in SB imports into QuickBooks with only A0A0A0 in the address information. Does the same for Job Sites.
  • Import of Job Sites – if they don’t have an address on line one it causes issues.
  • On import from QB, we should be able to view if a customer has already been imported (when you go to select the item)
  • If there was no postal code in ServiceBox and a new customer was created the postal code showed up as S0A0A0.
  • When importing customers to QuickBooks if they had french characters then the sync would fail.
  • Handle American Edition Sales Taxes Better
  • Job Sites use the ship to Address on Import
  • Allow for ignore in future sync for payments in error (if refunding a payment that was deposited)
  • Display the Invoice amount in the sync screen
  • For each invoice that is imported can we display the customer/job site

QuickBooks Online

  • Need to handle Import of company (that has a first and last name). The company should import correctly and contact should be created.
  • The invoice should re-link by invoice number (QBO)
  • Not finding potential customer links by name when there is a space at the end.

Display Name

In this release we have added in the option to have a display name for customers and job sites. That way if you do not want to utilize the default display name in ServiceBox, or you want to be able to have a different display name for a customer, then you can enable this feature. To do this open up Settings -> Plan -> Features. Check “Enter Display Name for Customers and Jobsites” to turn it on. If you want to have the Display Name to appear as Last name, First Nam, then check off “Use last name first for customer display name”

Improved Customer Info on Quotes, Work Orders, and Invoices

We want to make it as easy as possible to get customer data inputed quickly and to be able to view the information quickly. So in this release we have added in a few time saving features to make your jobs easier. We now will display the phone number for the customer in the Billing address information in Quotes, Work Orders and Invoices. We have aslo added in the ability to enter in more detailed information for the customer when creating a new customer from a Quote, Work Order, or Invoice. We hope that this will help speed up the data entry an increase improvements to accessing customer info in ServiceBox.

Enhanced Notes

We have made a significant change to the way notes work. Now you will be able to view and enter in notes for related items to the work order. What you can add notes to is dependent on the security access that you have. But if your user id has access, then you will be able to do things like: in a work order add a note for a customer, a job site, etc. If you are in a job site, you can view all notes related to units or work orders etc. It is a completely new way to handle notes and it should give a great deal of flexibility on keeping track of the info. It also should increase the speed of locating historical notes in a work order. You can view all of the new notes in any notes section in ServiceBox.

Tax Group Override for a Customer

We have added in the ability to enter in a Tax override for a Customer. This way when adding new items to an invoice, it will utilize the default Tax set for the customer. This will make data entry easier for locations with multiple Taxes.

General Bug Fixes

  • When Deleting a Customer, and there is a contact that is linked to the customer (by using the customer information), then delete that contact.
  • If the proper .net version is not installed with the accounting connector, it should install the correct version.
  • Rewrite Contracts Report to remove old pdf dependency
  • Fix sizing of To Do Reminder date on phone (Was Wrapping)