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ServiceBox – New Features – Version 6.6


ServiceBox – New Features – Version 6.6

Performance Improvement – Replace Rich Text Editor

We observed that the rich text editor that was used in ServiceBox would slow down as a user was using ServiceBox. We determined that the slow down was directly related to the control and have chosen to replace all Rich Text Editors with a new rich text control called TinyMCE.

New Feedback Widget

Our customers are important to us and so we have introduced a new helpdesk software to our company that will help us manage customer support better. This will also open up the opportunity for us to include a knowledge base so that we can provide support and knowledge to our customers easily.

General Bug Fixes

  • Recurring Work – If you change the date to blank and the period to none a new work order was created. This is fixed.
  • Mobile Scheduler – Fixed the display of the start and end dates.
  • Mobile Scheduled Work Orders – If you click on the recurring work, no pop up appears. This is fixed.