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ServiceBox – New Features – Version 6.1.5

New Features – Version 6.1.5

Recurring Work – View Recurring Work On Calendar

ServiceBox now allows you to create a scheduled time slot for Recurring Work. If you schedule a Recurring Work it will display on the scheduler into the future. You will be able to adjust each individual scheduled item, and a work order will be generated as per the usual process 24 hours before the Recurring Work is set.

You will be able to create a scheduled recurring work by opening up a new or existing recurring work and clicking the checkbox “Schedule Workorder”. At this point, you can set the timeslot. Also now you will be able to view the recurring work on the scheduler.

Work Order – Check-Out Time Adjust Rounding

In the Work Order, if you use the ability to check-in and check out, the time is rounded to the nearest 15 minutes by default. We now give the ability for you to adjust the rounding hours to what would work for your business. Do you need it to the nearest minute, you can do that if you want to round up every 30 minutes, you can do that now.

You can adjust this setting by going into the Settings -> Work Order -> Settings. There is an option for “Round hours on checkouts to (minutes)” enter in the value you want. By default, it is 15 minutes. If you want to round to 5 minutes enter in 5 into the text box.

Timesheet – Add Work Order Category to Timesheets

If you use Work Order Categories, once the time is entered into the work order and displayed in the timesheet, you will now be able to see which work order category the work order is related to. This will also display in the printout.

Timesheet – Ability to Import To QuickBooks Desktop

If you have QuickBooks, you will now be able to import Submitted timesheets into the Employee Timesheets in QuickBooks. Each employee will need to be added into QuickBooks first. Once a timesheet is submitted from ServiceBox it can be synced with QuickBooks from the Accounting Connector.

To get this set up, download the most recent version of the Accounting connector. To configure the accounting connector go to the Timesheet tab and click on “Import Submitted Timesheets”. Set the date of Import on or after to the date to which you want to start importing submitted timesheets.

Search – Phone numbers from the main search

Be able to search for customers using their phone numbers from the main search.

Work Order – Reorder Check-in and Check out descending order

In the work order check-in and check out tab, you can now view the order of all actions by descending order. It is now more clear the order of each check-in and status change and the order that they occur. Also, all print outs for the work order will display this the same way.

Accounting Connector Improvements

There are a few improvements added to the accounting connector:

  1. Ignore Job Sites – Add a checkbox that will allow us to ignore Job Sites when importing into ServiceBox from QuickBooks.
  2. Primary Contacts – If a company has a first and last name as well as a company name when importing customers from QuickBooks. Now the company will have a contact created for this company based on the first and last name of the primary contact.
  3. Address Line 3 – Added a new field into a Customer that will handle customers from QuickBooks that have 3 address fields. When importing and exporting will handle those situations.
  4. Attention Field – in the case where a QuickBooks company has an ATTN person, the import will handle this field and will put the attention person into the new Attention field.

General Bug Fixes

  • Recurring Work – Description field is now a Rich Text Field
  • Stripe SDK – Upgrade the SDK to the newest version.
  • Deleting Job Sites – Fixed error when deleting Job Sites with Checklists
  • Fix to the Checklist Report – More accuracy in results