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ServiceBox Release – Version 6.1

Work Orders – Checklists – Make a Checklist required on Close

We have now added in a new feature that will check to see if a specific checklist is added for all work orders. What will happen is once the employee closes the work order it will check to see if the specific checklist has been created and completed. If the checklist has not been created or completed a message will appear and the work order cannot be completed until the checklist has been created and completed.

To turn this feature on you can go into Settings -> Maintenance and open up a checklist that you would like to have required for all work orders. Click on the checkbox “Required to Close Workorder” and click Save List. All work orders that are set to a “Closed” status going forward will check if that checklist has been added to the work order.

Work Order – Images Required on Close

Now you will be able to set a certain number of images (.jpg, .png, .bmp) that will be required when the work order is set to closed. This way your users will need to add images to a work order before the close. If the number of images have not been added to the work order when the work order is set to closed then a message will pop up that images are required.

To enable this feature go in to Settings -> Workorder -> Close Workorder Setup. There is a textbox for “Minimum number of attached images before closing workorder”, if you do not want this to check for any images leave the value at 0. If you want to check for 2 images then add the number 2.

Invoices – Display Maintenance Notes into an Invoice Print

There may be the case where you will want to copy not only the description from the work order into the invoice, but also the maintenance notes from the work order. There is a new print option for invoices that will display the maintenance notes from the work order into the invoice print out.

To do this, open up the Invoice of your choice (that has maintenance notes) and click on the print button. In the print options you will see a checkbox called “Print Maintenance Notes from Workorder”. Click Print. You will see the maintenance notes appear in the invoice.

Reports – Checklist Report

We have created a new report called the Checklist Report. This will allow you to generate a report related to checklists. This is a more flexible version of the Maintenance report. You can do the following:

  • Generate the report for a single customer or one customer
  • Be able to select a single user or all users
  • Choose between a Job Site, Unit report, or both.
  • Choose one or more checklists to generate the report for.
  • Select the Start and End date of the date that the checklist was created on.

This report can be found in Reporting -> Checklist Report.

Dropbox Integration

If you would like to utilize Dropbox ( to save some attachments and then link those attachments to ServiceBox, you now can! You will notice wherever there is an attachment you will be able to either upload the file from a device, or you can select from a file system. There is a new button added that will allow you to select a file from dropbox. ServiceBox will keep a link to the file so that you can open up the file from within dropbox. A user will need to have access to the dropbox location in order to open the file.