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ServiceBox Release – Version 6.0

New Features – Version 6.0


ServiceBox now allows your company to take and handle payments for your company. You will now be able to enter payments into the invoice and define the type of payments that you take for your company. All payments are accounted for in your chosen accounting software when synced. We also handle any refunds that are processed in the payments section in the invoice. To turn on Payments go to Settings -> Plan -> Features, and check off the Payments feature. Once turned on all settings for the Payments are located in Settings -> Invoice -> Payments.

Stripe Payment Integration

In addition to the payments feature you are now able to process credit card payments through Stripe ( All that is required is to sign up for a new Stripe account for your company and connecting the stripe account through ServiceBox Settings. To connect to stripe go to Settings -> Invoices -> Payments, and click on the Connect with Stripe button. is the same payment processing that ServiceBox uses to process payments.

If you would like us to walk you through the set up of the Payments and payment processing please contact us at or call us at 1-888-727-4983.

Timesheet Entry Notes

You will now be able to enter labour notes when entering time into a Work Order. The notes can be entered into the labour item or it can be linked to a maintenance note. If a note is linked to a maintenance note then if the mainetnance note or the labour note is edited then the note will update in all locations. The notes will appear when the work order is printed with the labour table. Also in the employees timesheet all notes will be able to be viewed and edited from the timesheet. To turn on the Timesheet Entry Notes go to Settings -> Plan -> Features, and select the Workorder Labour Notes. If you would like to add notes for any extra timesheet items (ie Shop Work, Holidays, etc), then you can select the feature: Timesheet Item Notes.

Work Orders Materials Cost

In the Work Order, there is the ability to enter in the Materials used for the job. Before the details only included: Item, Quantity, Date. Now we can include the unit cost for the item, so when you select an item in the Materials section it will now load up the unit cost if you would want. Also if you enter in a new unit cost for the item it will update the costs for the items in the price list. Also invoices created using time and materials will import in the items with the list that is entered into the unit cost field. In order to turn this feature on, ensure the Materials section is added into the Work Order by selecting the following Settings -> Plan -> Features, and select the Workorder Materials feature. If you would like to include the Materials Cost, select the feature Show Materials Cost.

Recurring Work as of last closed work order

If you have Recurring Work Orders turned on, there is now the ability for you to only generate the next work order based on the closed date of the last created work order. This way you will only generate the next work order once the last created work order is completed. In order to use this feature you can open up a recurring work order and select Schedule after last closed workorder.

Work Order Report

You can now generate a report that will display all of the Work Orders and the Status of a specific period. So you can view all work order and their status for a specific period. If you want to view only specific customers then you can choose a specific customer to generate the report for that customer. To view this report go to Reporting -> Workorder Report.

Added ‘Uncategorized’ link for Customer Categories

If you have Customer Categories turned on you will now see an ‘Uncategorized’ link for all of customers that do not have a category. This now makes it easier to change the category for customers.

General Bug Fixes

  1. Improved searches for work orders
  2. I did this as well