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ServiceBox Release – Oct 26 – 2014

New Features

Added Setting to Display Breakdown before final Price

For Quotes we added in an additional setting that will allow you to display the quote items before the final price. To modify this, go to Settings -> Quote -> Print Setup. There is a checkbox called Show Quote Breakdown Before Total.

Display Attachments from a Work Order in a Job Site

You will now be able to view attachments that were created in a work order in the job site. If you go into a job site, you will see there are a couple new filters to filter the attachments. For any of the items that were created in a work order those items will have a link back to the work order.

General Bug Fixes

  • Display Quote number when printing out work orders that were created from a quote.

  • Fixed the issue when zoomed in on a broswer the scrolls bars wouldn’t work properly. Now they display all items in the list.

  • Occasionally the date in scheduler goes to 1969. Added in a check to ensure this doesn’t happen.