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ServiceBox Release – June 07 – 2015

New Features

Enhanced Print

ServiceBox now allows for enhanced print that will allow you to print from quotes, invoices and now Work Orders. We now display a dialog on print that will enable you to choose which items that should be printed. The defaults that you You will now be able to include attachments into the pdf of a generated item. You will see the enhanced print right away when you go into quotes, work orders, invoices.

Work Order Email

You will now be able to email work orders from ServiceBox. You can set up the default messaging in the Settings screen and the work order tab.

Use Quote Items as Invoice Items

We used to have 2 separate price lists for Quotes and Invoices. Now you will be able to create a list of prices that you can use in both quotes and Invoices. This can be configured from the Settings -> Invoices -> Invoice Items.

Allow for Materials aside from Purchase Orders in Work Orders

In the work order in the time and purchase order sections, we have included an additional option that will allow employees to select which materials were used in the job. You can turn this on in Settings – > Plan -> Features. Select “Workorder Materials”. It will use the items from the invoice items category that is marked as materials.

Signatures for Work Orders

We have not included the option for Signatures for Work Orders. This feature needs to be turned on in Settings -> Plan -> Features. Once you have turned on the feature you can configure the defaults for the signatures at Settings -> Work Order -> Signatures. You will be able to turn on signatures and have it so all Work Orders require signatures, no work orders require signature or individual customers require signatures on their work. The signature can be created using a touch screen or a mouse. The signature will be printed on the work order.

Add Attachments for Emails

For all emails that are sent from quotes, work orders or invoices, you will now be able to attach either attachments that have been added to the quote, work order or invoice or you will be able to upload documents that can be emailed to your customer.

Enhanced Extra Fields for Work Orders, Job Sites and Units

Work Orders, Job Sites and Units all have extra fields that can be added. We have enhanced these fields so that you can use the fields as Multi Line text, Single Line Text, Dropdown (which uses existing items that have been previously entered and saved), Multi-Select (Which uses existing items that have been previously entered and saved and you can choose multiple items), Checkbox, Date. You will be able to select and save these values with the respective items. To set these up go to Settings -> (Work Order, Job Site, Unit) -> Custom Columns.

General Bug Fixes

  • Can select a colour in the quote and invoices descriptions.
  • Fixed error related to attachments with commas