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ServiceBox Release – Jan 21 – 2015

New Features

GPS Tracking

We now allow for your company to utilize the GPS functionality of your mobile device to capture periodically the location of where an employee last utilized Service|Box. There is now a new screen that an administrator will be able to view the location of the employees. This feature is not turned on by default. If you would like to be part of the closed beta of this feature please contact us through the feedback tab in Service|Box.

Rewriten Invoice and Quoting Reports

We needed to make our invoices and quoting print outs to be more flexible and to allow for a better handling of break points. We have completely redone the reports.

Included Timesheet Notes

There is now a rich text field added to the timesheet so you can put down any additional information required when a report is submitted. Use this to submit mileage for the week, or any expenses that need to be reimbursed. This will be included in the PDF that is emailed out when the timesheet is submitted.

Remember Scroll Bar Locations

We have had a couple of requests to make it so that the scollbars will remain at the same location when you click the back button in the browser. We have added in a fix that will allow you to do this. Please provide freedback on this feature as you use the product.

General Bug Fixes

  • All day events going Sunday through Friday, does not display the tool tip does not display.

  • We now allow for larger and wider logos in quotes and invoices.