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ServiceBox Release – Dec 18 – 2014

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New Features

Accounting integration with Sage (Simply Accounting and QuickBooks)

We are proud to announce that we now have completed the integration between Service|Box and accounting. At this point, we support Sage 50 products and QuickBooks. You will be able to keep customers in sync from Service|Box into the accounting package. Also if you are using Service|Box to do invoicing you can import in all invoices into accounting and once the invoice is paid in accounting it will update the status in Service|Box. This way you can eliminate duplicate data entry. Please contact us to find out more information.

Scheduler and Activity feed will update automatically

Now the scheduler and the activity feed will update automatically. So that means you will see right away when a work order has been set to closed or has been moved by someone else. Also, the activity feed will also update automatically if new actions are added to the activity feed.

Automatically Link to Customer or Job Site when Creating a New Contact

If you create a new contact in either a customer or a job site the new contact will automatically be set to link the contact to the customer or job site it was created under.

A confirmation message will appear when deleting a maintenance checklist.

If you try to delete a maintenance checklist in work orders, job sites, or units you will get a message that will ask you if you want to delete the checklist. This will prevent any accidental deletions.

If you link a contact to a customer, the URL for the web page will also be linked

Now if you link a contact to a customer, the URL for the customer will now display in the contact as well.

Now have the ability to send an email with the employee timesheet through the settings screen.

Now when the employee submits their timesheets the timesheet can be emailed to a series of people through their email addresses. To enable this go to Settings -> Timesheet Tab -> Email Settings. Check off the “Send email on submission of timesheet” and enter in the values. You can also use {{employeename}},{{timesheetstart}} and {{timesheetend}} in the Subject and the Email body to use the information from the timesheet in the email.

Have included a Dispatcher view to the calendar

We have included an additional view to the calendar that is used primarily for dispatching. This way you can view all of the employee’s calendars in one view and easily schedule. To access the new calendar, go to the scheduler and click on “Toggle Mode”.

Option to not display quantity and price in reports for quotes and invoices.

We have added in a setting so that you can only display the total price in quotes and invoices. This way you don’t have to display the qty and the unit price. To enable this in Quotes, go to Settings -> Quotes -> Print Setup. Click to “Hide Unit Cost and Quantity”. You can also do this in Invoices.

Added a report to display the total amounts billed for each item.

You can now generate a report for each of the invoice items that you have billed. This will display a sum for each item that you have charged and give a total amount and taxes charged for each item. This report can be generated for a certain period. To generate the report go to Reporting -> Invoice Item Sales Report.

Added a report to display closed work orders by user for a period.

We have 2 reports where you will be able to view the closed work orders for a user in a certain period.

iPad Show the unit description in the dropdown for maintenance notes.

We display the description on the desktop version, but the iPad description did not have the description. So now the drop downs for the maintenance notes include the description.

Administrators can modify time in a work order that has been invoiced

When a work order time item was invoiced we locked the time that was used in the invoice. Now you will be able to adjust the time in the work order after an invoice is created if you are an Administrator user.

Display quote number on work orders that were created from a quote

If you create a work order from a quote, it will display the quote number when you print out the work order.

Have created a sent email report so that you can take a look at sent email for a period.

Want to see which emails you sent for quotes and invoices? You can now generate a report to see who an email was sent to and when. To view the report go to Reporting -> Email Log Report.

General Bug Fixes

  • If you enter in into a URL service box will handle the URLs better.

  • In the Maintenance Report, there was a problem where you could not select an individual unit, instead, it would generate all items. This way you can now select an individual unit and generate the maintenance report.

  • Made the lines darker on the scheduler.

  • Inactive users will no longer appear in dropdowns through the application.

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