ServiceBox #1 The Best Service Business Software

ServiceBox Release – April 21 – 2015

New Features

Employee Check In for Work Orders

We now allow the ability for an employee to check in and check out of a work order. When a user checks in it will capture the time of the check in and the location of the employee will also be captured. When the check out button is pressed it will calculate the time since the last check in and will allow the employee to enter that time into the work order.

Also we now capture the location where the status for the work order was changed. It will capture the status, who changed the status and where the status was changed.

We have also created a new section that will allow an administrator user to view each check in type or status and where the user was at the time. This is a feature that will need to be enabled for your company. Please contact us to have this feature implemented.

Recurring Work

ServiceBox now includes a new section that will allow your company to set up a schedule for recurring work that will happen daily, weekly, monthly or annually. You will be able to set up the work with the same default details for a work order and a work order will be created on a specific date. At this point you will be able to interact with the new work order as you would other work orders in the system. This is a feature that will need to be enabled for your company. Please contact us to have this feature implemented.

Work Order Priority is now Category

To make things more consistent we have named work order priority to category.

Performance Improvements

Have made performance improvements to the work list so items appear quicker.

Currency Changes

We now provide the ability for a customer to select the currency of their choice other than dollar. This can be changed in the Settings screen for Quotes and Invocies.

$ Markup instead of % Markup

Companies will be able to choose to use a dollar markup rather than a % markup for quotes and invoices. You can change this in the Settings screen for Quotes and Invoices.

Quote – Estimated Job Cost

We have now included a basic calculation that will help calculate the estimated margins on a specific quote. You will see this automatically on the quote calulation tab.

Report – Add Customer Statement Print

Allow the printing of invoices for a particular customer or all customers as a statement listing the invoices that are overdue in a certain period (less than 30 days, between 30-59 days, between 60 and 89 days and 90 days or greater).

General Bug Fixes

  • Removed the Status line when printing out a quote

  • Changed the reports to say Country Name rather than the short code. ie CAN is now displayed as Canada.
  • Quote Print – Remove blank second address if not entered