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ServiceBox New Features – Release 7.6

Add ability for users to choose start screen when loading

We have had a number of requests for users to be able to choose which screen is the initial screen when loading up ServiceBox.  We have added in a new User Preferences screen to modify these settings.  To get to this screen on desktop go to Username -> User Preferences.  On mobile open the menu and choose – User Preferences.  This is the screen that will appear:

You can choose the following options:

Home Screen – this is the setting we will open when first going into ServiceBox – Mobile and Desktop.
– Activity Feed – Admin Only – This is the default view for Administrators.
– Calendar – This is the calendar view for the user, this is the basic user “home” screen.
– Work Orders – This will open up the work order section by default

Work Order Default – This is the option for us to be able to select which view to open first by default when selecting the Work Order section.
– Work Order List – This is the list of all of the work orders
– Work Order Calendar – This is the calendar view inside of the work order section.

Added extra decimal place for Taxes

For those of you require a lot of decimal places for the taxes in your area, we have added up to 5 decimal places for each tax you can add to ServiceBox.

Add additional unit information to Work Orders

We have expanded the info that can be added and viewed for units inside of a Work Order.  Now when adding in a new Unit you will be able to enter in all unit values including Custom Fields directly from the Work Order.  This will look like this:

 Also once you have added the new note we will display additional information about the unit in the Work Order.

Once you have entered in the note related to the unit, you can go to the unit info by clicking on the details link (in the above image).  You will see a preview of the unit before you can go ahead and open up the unit.

Note: If you do not see your unit custom columns in the Work Order, then you will need to ensure the settings for this are set.  Go to Settings -> Units -> Columns.  For each custom field be sure to check of “Display on Workorder”.  Once you do this the column will appear on the Work Order maintenance notes.

If you have any questions about this current release please send a feedback from ServiceBox or send an email to