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ServiceBox New Features – Release 7.4

Add ability to show historical data for user location

We now have the option to view the historical locations for a technician through the day.  As the technician uses the system through the day they will get a pin added to the map.

Expand scheduler to take up full screen

The Scheduler will no longer be a fixed size and will expand to the size of the screen you are using.  This will allow you to view more time slots in the Scheduler.

Add setting to alphabetize scheduler by first name of user

We have now added in the setting to be able to view the scheduler by the first name of the technician instead of the last name.  You can change this setting by going to Username -> Settings -> Workorder -> Settings.  Check of the link “Alphabetize Users By First Name then Last in Scheduler”.


Add assigned user to workorder report

In the Work Order Report. Reporting -> Workorder Report, we have now added in a column that includes the Technician who was the assigned to person for the Work Order.

QuickBooks customers with job information attached should not have job sites synced and should have invoices attached directly to the customers.

We have added in the ability to handle Job Info when they are added to a customer inside of QuickBooks.  There is now a new tab that will allow you to configure whether to import Job Sites into QuickBooks or not.  We detail out how to configure your QuickBooks Site to handle this here.

Signatures on Quotes

We have added in the ability to take a signature on a Quote.  To enable this feature, go to Username -> Settings -> Quotes -> Signatures.  Enable “Allow for Customer Signatures”.  Be sure to add a message that makes sense for your business.