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ServiceBox Is Getting Inventory!

ServiceBox is getting Inventory!  You asked, and we’re delivering.  Our inventory mod, coming later this Spring, will be rolled out as a Beta, in three phases:

Phase 1 allows you to track inventory in any of several locations. Each field tech/Basic User will set up their own primary location to pull inventory from – it might be the main company store, or the back of their van or truck. When they indicate they’ve used one or more material units on their Work Order, the WO will automatically pull the item from Inventory, and decrease the inventory by that number in ServiceBox. No need to go in and adjust manually. The Total Inventory Count from all locations, individual counts from each sub-location (i.e. the vans or trucks), the ability to transfer or allocate between locations, a report able to be produced of what was used over a selected time period, and another for re-ordering set minimums of necessary pre-selected products. And just in case you think we didn’t cover all the bases; ServiceBox will allow for negative inventory count in cases where the field tech may pull the inventory they have in hand, before the office has had time to add the item in at that location.

Phase 2 and 3 of ServiceBox Inventory are already under construction, and will be rolled out after Phase 1. As mentioned, the second phase will include the ability to add vendors and purchase orders to order and receive inventory. Phase 3 will include accounting integration for automatic adjustments to inventory…prior to the implementation of Phase 3, reconciliation with accounting will be done manually using a report.