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ServiceBox Inventory

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve been working on it, and now ServiceBox Inventory is a reality.  We didn’t want to unveil it until we had something we knew would seriously help you, and this Inventory mod is ready to give you a new level of control over your business: tracking capabilities from warehouse to office to truck to job; reorder alerts for materials when they reach a pre-set minimum; multiple levels of pricing on items so they can be included in quotes, work orders and invoicing…and so much more.  It’s a lot to take in, so we wanted to give you a guide to the different articles you can read to help you get started, and using the product successfully.

1. Let’s start at the start.  Here’s an article you can read to give you an overview of all that our Inventory mod can do, as well as a brief guide to help you set-up:  Inventory User Guide.  

2. Want to be able to pull Inventory items into a quote?  Of course you do. This article shows you how: Inventory and Quotes.

3. Where our mod really hits its stride is the use of Inventory within a Workorder, and here’s the article that explains just how you do that: Inventory and Workorders.

4. And finally, it’s important for you to understand the full functionality of our Inventory system within invoicing. Here’s an article to guide you through your options: Inventory and Invoicing. 

We want nothing more than for you to get full use out of our product. If at any point you’re feeling confused or overwhelmed, our Helpdesk is only a message away.  Please make liberal use of the black “feedback” button at the bottom of your ServiceBox screen to send requests for help directly to the IT Helpdesk.

ServiceBox takes pride in evolving to meet our customers’ needs. We hope you enjoy these new abilities, and we look forward to offering you more new features down the road.  Enjoy.


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