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Safety Management Using Checklists – Field Service Management Software

Today’s high degree of safety emphasis is a relatively new aspect of business management. Many larger companies are going as far as hiring a safety officer to oversee all of their safety procedures and manage claims and incidents. So doesn’t it make sense that safety should be a core part of your service company’s Field Service Management Software

Accordingly, ServiceBox has included a special ‘checklists and reports’ section into our software to track and record all of this. Now admins can attach custom checklists to work orders.

Office staff can now save and include safety checklists customized for specific jobsites, and view those checklists themselves ahead of time to make sure the correct safety equipment is purchased or made available to employees before they set out. Furthermore, our software can make it mandatory for those safety checklists to be completed in their entirety before a workorder is closable.

Being able to give and receive safety information over the web saves time-consuming trips to the site, reduces administrative work and non-billable time, thus increasing profit margins.


Key Safety Points:

  • Checklists can be used to ensure proper procedure
  • Checklists can help monitor the risks associated with certain job sites
  • Prioritizing safety is not only a good selling point for commercial jobs but also for employee retention
  • Checklists are easy and quick to complete in the field, not a hassle for service technicians (no need to remember a pen)
  • Get rid of paper and make your management of Safety easier.