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Safety Checklist in Field Service Management Software

ServiceBox is a company based around efficiency and helping others to maximize their profit margins but we also fully understand the value of healthy employees. We would like to take this opportunity to share how to best set up a safety checklist for your company, which is an important element of any Field Service Management Software.

Checklists are a power tool within ServiceBox as they are easily tracked thus can be recorded in the form of Reports. To set up a checklist simply select the “Settings” tab below the down arrow beside your name. Next, select the “maintenance” option on the right. Once at this new screen, you can create a new list by clicking “Add list”. This new checklist, once added to the work order can be made such that it is mandatory to be filled out to close the work order or optional.

There are a few different types of checklists we can create here based on the type of input. For example: if one wishes to track what hazards apply to any given jobsite, they would want to use a “multi- select” line, this way the field user can choose: yes, or no for the given line if it applies. If one wishes simply to ensure their field technicians are applying the checklist, a simple “checkbox” can be used as all will be checked to close the work order.

Reports on the newly created safety or hazard assessment checklists can be created based on user, jobsites, time periods and more in the Reports tab.These reports are key for pulling up information if ever there was an incident and or for verification (audits) of proper safety procedure and meeting protocol.   Why? <Add Snapshots for this>

It is our hope that this tool reduces the current use of paper hazard assessment sheets and data entry or can be used to implement new safety regulations.

Safety Checklist