ServiceBox En Français?

You’ve asked for it, and we’ve delivered. ServiceBox is now available en français.  With a large % of the Canadian market in Quebec, and with so many french speaking communities throughout North America and the world, it only makes sense that ServiceBox’s quest to be the global leader in Service company software would take us into new languages. After several months of work and beta testing, we’re bringing Phase 1 of our two-phase French software package to market.

Phase 1 is a version of ServiceBox which can be administered in English, but where all the outputs going to clients are in French.  Customers will receive all their Quotes, Workorders, Invoices, etc. in French, and administrators will be able to customize these outgoing documents using French option screens and drop down menus. Phase 1 brings the software into compliance with Quebec law, but still requires Admins to have a working knowledge of English in order to handle the office side of the software. This Phase 1 version of our French software is available right now, and is already being used by some Canadian companies.

Phase 2 is the logical next step: all of ServiceBox’s functions and options will be translated into French. Phase 2 will allow unilingual French companies and customers to use ServiceBox unimpeded. This is a much larger undertaking, and is currently under construction. Look for Phase 2 to be introduced in the new year.

For more information about our French software, or to give it a try, just call us at 855-453-2967, or email us at

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