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Help Me! How To Access ServiceBox Support

Is something “booping” when it should be “beeping”? Are you at your wits end trying to remember how to use a function when you need it most? There are three great ways (and one terrible one) to get support from the tech geniuses at ServiceBox when life paints you into a corner. Here they are:

1. THE VERY BEST WAY: The “feedback” button. The best way for ServiceBox customers to get the fastest help from the smartest people is to click on the little “feedback” button at the bottom of your ServiceBox page. If you’re on the page causing the problem, using the feedback button on that page will automatically create a link to the problem spot that the programmers can follow. Using the feedback button also skips the middle man, and places your concern directly in front of the eyes of the people who have the knowledge to fix it. Like, RIGHT now.


2. THE SECOND BEST WAY: Customers can also create/fill out a support ticket at This will also send your concern to the right people, but you’ll have to do some of the work manually (like including a url) that the feedback button does automatically. also has a bunch of articles and videos that may answer your question before you ask it.

3. THE THIRD BEST WAY: If you’re not on the site, but still have a question, you can always email The person checking that account will make sure your question is either answered, or forwarded to the correct department. This process may add a middle man, but at least its the right middle man.

THE WORST WAY: The absolute WORST way to get a tech question answered is to email or text the Sales rep who set you up with ServiceBox. It’s perfectly understandable why you would…our Sales reps are knowledgeable, and you’ve developed a relationship with them, so there’s a comfort level there. But we actually have staff who are more qualified to help you with detailed technical advice and who are paid to do it! AND, a sales rep will have to forward your question to one of our tech gods through email which leaves you outside the queue system and puts you at the bottom of the list, instead of the top.

So hit that feedback button folks! The geeks of ServiceBox await your every command.